Dirty Pool ... We Are Better Than This

With 19 days to go the debate over whether to incorporate has become heated and some people are going over the line. Its time to rachet things back down to a dull roar.


For those of you who follow politics and especially political campaigns you know that as an election gets closer and closer the intensity of the campaigning seems to increase by orders of magnitude. 

It almost becomes a chess match where each side makes a move followed by a counter move to respond to a move by the other side and so on until the election finally arrives. 

In cases where an election is especially heated there are instances where rhetoric can become personal, baseless accusations can be made and ‘dirty tricks’ are not uncommon. 

Up until about a month or so ago our cityhood initiative did not have any of the signs of being a particularly nasty contest.  There certainly were opponents to the city that would show up at various town halls and HOA meetings to state their views and occasionally there were letters written to local news outlets that stated opposition to the city. 

And of course there was the “occasional” no city comment left on pro-city articles written in the Patch. However, the contest had all the appearances of maintaining the type of above board behavior that one would expect for an area like Peachtree Corners. 

Now just 19 days out from the election it appears that even our area is not immune to unsavory political tactics after all. 

Let’s take a look at recent activities and comments that most people should find concerning….

The exerpts below are pulled directly off the Peachtree Corners Ballot Committee’s webpage.  In case you are not aware the Peachtree Corners Ballott Committee is the main opposition group to a city being formed.  Now there are plenty of harsh comments submitted by individuals on this facebook page but I decided to pull just the official views of the Ballot Committee.  Here are a few for you to check out…

Vote "NO" To The City Of Peachtree Corners

What amazes me most, Is there are people who will still vote for this city, with these type of people in charge... go figure.. THIS IS NOT THE TYPE OF CITY LEADERSHIP WE DESERVE OR EXPECT. IF IT IS THEN YOUR CLEAR VOTE IS "NO" JUST ON YOUR PERSONAL MORALS AND VALUES.....

Top of Form

Share · Tuesday at 9:46am

Vote "NO" To The City Of Peachtree Corners This is a sign of the times, for Peachtree Corners... Vote "NO" ...and be heard... we do not need these type of people in our neighborhoods. At least with a Gang, you know what to expect. They are no different than the type of people they want to keep out.. Yea, "Keep others out" We heard that reference at the Town Hall meeting...

Tuesday at 10:35am · 1 personLoading...

Vote "NO" To The City Of Peachtree Corners

Let's all be at the meeting tonight at 7:30 and ask our questions, and watch them buckle with more BS than a Chicago Ship Yard.

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Share · Tuesday at 9:51am

Now I don’t know about you but I’m not sure what the point of questioning people’s “personal morals and values” is in regards to this cityhood vote.  As we are not even a city yet we have no idea who will be running for office so I'm not really sure how attacks can be made on city leadership. 

Nor do I understand the assertions of calling pro-city people a “gang” or making a reference to “BS.”  This is the OFFICIAL website for the opposition group. This is not some random person out there stating these things. 

When I saw some of the things being posted on their facebook page I decided to post some pro-city comments.  My comments either focused on the math used on their flawed financial analysis or I asked people to back up their assertions that criminal activity was taking place or that people on the “Yes” side were somehow immoral or lacked values. 

Instead of beginning a debate, all of my posts were either hidden or deleted and I was banned from their facebook page. Not to give up so easily I created another facebook page and returned.  Once again my posts were deleted and I was banned.  So, I returned yet a third time and once again my posts were hidden or deleted and I was banned. 

Some people might say “where is your proof”?  Of course I would have a hard time making my case since all my posts were hidden or deleted.  How do I prove I wrote anything.  Luckily an individual who appeared to be visiting their site (he appeared to be a supporter or was thinking of being a supporter) noted that several of my posts had been deleted and he called them on it. 

The Ballot Committee denied knowing what he was talking about.  Read the interesting exchange below……

PERSON X - I did not delete anything and I find it troubling that a moderator or someone else may have. Can someone explain please? If I don't get a valid explanation by the end of the day, I'll be unliking the group and removing my posts as well. Complete BS.

5 hours ago

PERSON X - That's no different than destroying or removing signs from the road side.

5 hours ago

Vote "NO" To The City Of Peachtree Corners  PERSON X, What are you referring to? What was deleted? Please let me know thanks.

2 hours ago

PERSON X - Alex has replied to my original post the other night. It was his long response as to why we should vote yes. This morning it was gone and there was another post from Alex asking what happened and asking if I had deleted it. My post above was in response to his inquiry. His second response is now gone so I don't know if he removed it or someone else deleted his post for a second time.

2 hours ago

PERSON X - You'll note that it says there are 14 comments (15 with this one) but only 10 are visible.

2 hours ago

PERSON X - I also noted above where my FB friend PERSON Y thanked Alex for some information but Alex's post is not there. Perhaps he left after getting unfairly censored?

2 hours ago

Now I don’t know about you but when if I feel I have a strong position I welcome debate.  Why would I want to suppress opposing views if I feel I have the superior position?  The Ballot Committee on three different occasions not only suppressed all my posts but banned me as well. 

And to top it all off when they were called on their actions by a potential supporter they acted like they didn’t know what he was talking about even though he not only had seen my posts earlier but he pointed out that some of the posts by other people alluded to posts I had made.  Seems like someone has been caught in a lie here.

If you remember in some of my earlier articles I had taken the Ballot Committee’s financial analysis to task because their numbers simply did not match their assertions of a $350 to $450 tax increase.  When we broke the numbers down using the example provided by the Ballot Committee itself the numbers showed that it was going to require someone to have between $475k and $750k in CAR VALUES to be taxed to come up the amount in new taxes they were claiming!!! 

When I pointed this out on their facebook page you know what happened?  Well, instead of engaging me in a debate to explain their numbers they simply deleted my posts.  Why?  Because they can’t back up the numbers but they don’t want people to know they can’t be backed up. They want the scare tactic of a big tax increase to stay out there unopposed even though facts don’t back it up. 

So, we have on the Ballot Committee’s official webpage 1) insinuations of criminal activity, no morals, no values, gang like behavior 2) suppression of opposing views on their facebook page 3) denial of suppressing opposing views even when caught red handed 4) a financial analysis so flawed that when its gross shortcomings are pointed out the comments pointing out the flaws are suppressed. 

I am not a lawyer but I think if I was in a court of law trying to make a case I could easily show a pattern of behavior that most people would find dishonest and borderline distasteful. 

So let’s move on to some accusations made by the Ballot Committee recently.  On their facebook page you will find pictures of two ripped up NO signs that supposedly were found on East Jones Bridge Road. 

The Ballot Committee is using these two ripped up signs as an indication that the YES crowd will do anything and everything to win including ripping up two signs.  They insinuate that the YES crowd is the equivalent of a gang, criminals, the “radical left”, immoral and without values. 

Now these accusations are coming from an organization that suppresses opposing views and lies about it.  From an organization that produces grossly flawed financial analysis to scare people and then suppresses people who point out its flaws.  From an organization that makes harsh personal attacks on the leaders of the YES crowd. 

I hate to say this but as far as I am concerned the credability of this organization has reached a nadir and I would propose to the readers that this tearing up of the two signs was nothing but a bush league political trick to convince people that the YES people did this. 

Not that I am in the business of suppressing people or their ideas (read any of my articles and unlike the Ballot Committee you will find an open forum where NO posts are deleted or suppressed), BUT IF I WAS, I certainly wouldn’t leave the evidence in full view! 

Logically you would take the signs and destroy them out of view.  The point of taking the signs away is so people won’t see the message.  Leaving the signs ripped up gives the appearance of vandalism by one side.  Let’s be serious.  There are probably 10 times as many Yes signs as No signs.  There is nothing to be gained by destroying TWO signs and leaving them on the ground. 

The motive is so transparent it is almost comical.  Check out the Peachtree Corners YES page.  Do you see hateful vicious attacks on people for their views?  Do you see evidence of suppressed views?  No, you see links to fact based articles about why we should become a city.  You see notifications of when there are going to presentations by the YES people about their views.

That doesn’t seem like a group that wants to suppress people or their ideas.  Instead they are openly stating where their meetings will be held and inviting ALL to attend. Check out the facebook pages of the two primary organizations representing each side of this debate and do a compare and contrast.  Based on what you see and the things I am pointing out to you what organization seems the more credible and believable?

One other incident I would like to mention that is probably the most disturbing of all.  A supporter of the YES side of this debate recently received a letter in the mail with no return address.  When the envelope was opened it contained a letter that contained very vicious personal attacks on this individual because of the person’s support of the city and contained some vague physical threats as well.  The letter has been handed over to the appropriate authorities for investigation. 

Now let me be clear about this letter. No one knows who it is from so I am not drawing conclusions about its origins. However, it would seem clear that someone who is against the city has done this considering the content of the letter’s message. Hopefully it is a lone sick person who does not know the bounds of common decency.  This is not Chicago ward politics.  This is Peachtree Corners where I think 99.99 percent of us expect and demand better. 

We have 19 days to go. When this election is over, whether we have a city or not, we will still be neighbors. I hope in these remaining days the debate can return to something more fact based instead of degenerating into some more akin to playground behavior with name calling and other dirty tricks. 

This post is contributed by a community member. The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Patch Media Corporation. Everyone is welcome to submit a post to Patch. If you'd like to post a blog, go here to get started.

Alex J. Wright October 21, 2011 at 12:48 PM
AL, Thanks for sharing your views. I honestly hope the two signs were destroyed by two kids goofing around instead of my adults, regardless of what side of this debate they are on.
Sharron October 21, 2011 at 12:50 PM
The bottom line is that this is still America and we are ALL allowed to express our opinions and beliefs. You may not agree with the YES people or the NO people but do not denegrate it or try to convince me or anyone else we are wrong or stupid. The NO signs started showing up because all the YES signs were popping up everywhere causing the media to believe everyone was for this cityhood. In fact, it has been promoted from the beginning by a few. I happen to be a NO vote but either way it goes, I will live with it, as you all should because that is the way it is done.
Alex J. Wright October 21, 2011 at 12:56 PM
Sharron, Thanks for your comments. I personally have no problems with NO signs or people stating their views as often or as passionately as possible as long as it is done in a respectful manner and their assertions can be backed up with some logic and facts. I would disagree that this has been promoted by a "few" considering over a 1,000 YES signs have been distributed. What I hope we have on November 8th is a massive turnout by the voters. Regardless of the outcome we need a strong turnout to provide legitimacy to the decision.
Robert J. Nebel October 21, 2011 at 01:02 PM
I attended the most recent P'tree Crns Yes meeting and it was informative. The biggest advantage to creating a city is having these types of gatherings where we as a community strengthen bonds by communicating. These discussions are healthy as long as they remain civil and everyone can agree to agree or disagree. Politics indeed becomes part of the territory, but like everything else there are downsides. Also, ripping down signs is nothing new to PC or any other area. It's difficult to understand why anyone wishes to trample on a fellow citizens' right to free speech.
Mim Harris October 21, 2011 at 02:45 PM
Alex, 1. Yes and Thank you. 2. Random individuals? So because the No blog deleted your post its the whole group but when I have someone remove my signs its just a random individual. I told you what happened to me and no I do not have a video of my signs being removed but the YES ones were still standing. 3.I have no problem with signs in right of ways. 4. Politics does not have to be ugly but more often than not it is. People want validation for their views and when they do not get it they often react instead of thinking. Simply look at any political debate in the last decade at any level of government. 5. Your "but" in that statement implies that maybe I deserved to be treated badly because I was annoying. That is like saying you deserved to be deleted because "people get frustrated when people ask either multiple questions or take too long asking a question." The meeting was over and I asked one question about page 32 line item 985 of the charter. During the transition period the Governing Authority of Peachtree Corners City will have these powers: amend the charter, levy ad valorem taxes for 2012 and 2013, incur indebtedness, receive gifts and grants, hold meetings.etc. That was the question, less than a minute to ask and took about 20 to answer. I found a little loop hole that allows the council to do several things without going to the people for a referendum. Read the charter. Both sides will give their spin but the reality is we vote on the charter.
Mark Norrell October 21, 2011 at 02:45 PM
While Alex is eloquent in his responses and his points are valid he still comes off as a whinny little boy. I would never go to the UPCCA’s site and try to voice my opposition to the city charter. And, I fail to understand why Alex would go to the opposition’s site and try to voice his opinion. What did you expect Alex? Open arms? If this was sixty years ago the opposing sides would gather in different locations (one at “Bob’s Tavern and the other at the drugstore lunch counter) and you’d better not dare go into opposing camp and spout your opinion, you’d be carried out by your boots. My suggestion to Alex is, stick to posting on the patch. This is the virtual street corner where both sides can voice their opinions. And speaking of opinions, here’s mine,
Mark Norrell October 21, 2011 at 02:47 PM
I went to the meeting on Tuesday night with an open mind and seeking information about the city charter. What I came away with was the feeling of doom if we don’t vote “Yes”. Mike Mason’s speech was definitely a scare tactic geared to make us feel that if we don’t vote “yes” life as we know it will cease to exist. Mike even went so far to declare that a member of the audience didn’t care about what goes on in this community. Why, UPCCA’s own flyer says that if we vote “No” then “Peachtree Corners is no longer a community”. I say to you sir “Hogwash”! My neighbors trust me to take care of my home to keep the value up and I trust my neighbors to do the same. And, if anyone tries to take away or damage our way of life, we will band together to fight it. That is my definition of a community and that is my expectation of the future of Peachtree Corners without a city charter. Thanks Alex for your opinions and thanks to Mike for helping me with my decision. I will be voting “No” on November 8th. BTW, I wish none of the signs were allowed. It is a blight on the natural beauty of "our" community.
Mim Harris October 21, 2011 at 02:51 PM
Alex as an FYI over 1000 No signs have also been distributed. You may not know becasue they keep getting removed and destroyed.
Alex J. Wright October 21, 2011 at 02:59 PM
Mark, I'm sorry I come off as a "whinny little boy" to you. Thanks for making my point about the level of civility being debased because when people are confronted with opinions they don't like they try to suppress them. I certainly didn't expect "open arms" on the Ballot Committee's facebook page. What I was hoping for, apparently in vain, was to start a debate about the assertions that the Ballot Committee was making. The question YOU should be asking yourself is why someone SHOULDN'T be able to go into another camp and ask a question without being suppressed. Sir, I think if you do a little historical research you will find that the reality is debate used to be held out in the open when both sides stating their respective side. Before there was TV or radio that is how the people learned the varying positions. For some reason you seem to think that challenging someone's views on their turf is out of bounds. That is the exact attitude that the Ballot Committee has shown with their suppression of dissenting voices. If you don't want dissension then have a private meeting in your house. Their facebook page was presented as an open forum for people to comment on. The right to state your opinion when and where you want regardless of its popularity is one of the bedrocks that this country was founded on sir. As much as I might disagree with you I welcome your views here and wherever in public you wish to make them unlike some other people apparently.
Alex J. Wright October 21, 2011 at 03:05 PM
Mim, Thanks for the info. 1) No signs placed in private property should be destroyed. 2) The signs that you claim are being destroyed..... are they in people's yards or on the side of the road clearly placed in the right of way? I suspect there are instances on both sides where signs are being placed on property, possibly inadvertently, where the property owners don't want them.
Alex J. Wright October 21, 2011 at 03:11 PM
Mim, 2. Let me try again. One of the main points was to contrast and compare the two main organizations. If you note I did not try to tie the sicko who wrote the threatening letter to the overall NO movement because I suspect 99.99% of the NO people would never do such a thing. There very well could be some crazy person on the YES side doing something stupid as well. Who knows. However, I can comment on what the two primary groups are doing out in the public. 5. NO ONE should be treatly badly. End of story. My point, poorly made it seems, was that there were a lot of people who wanted to ask questions so someone might have been griping IF your question was taking a long time. I don't know if it was because to be honest I have never met you so I am not sure what you look like.
Mark Norrell October 21, 2011 at 03:59 PM
Alex, You have a good point. Maybe The Peachtree Ballott Committee's Facebook page is a public "street corner" and you posts should have been allowed. Unfortunately we cannot all be as responsible as you and I. And as you know "A few bad apples..." Anyway, back to the real issue. What is it that having a city charter will make our (yours and mine) community such a better place? Currently, we have to lobby the county commissioners to protect our community. What makes you think it will be different having to lobby the city planning commission when they try some stupid move? Which, will happen sooner or latter.
Alex J. Wright October 21, 2011 at 04:18 PM
Mark, Thanks for your viewpoint. I agree that unfortunately the lunatic fringe on both sides of any argument make civil public discourse difficult. This is my personal viewpoint on why being a city (e.g. approving the charter) would be a good move. My work background is primarily finance. I look at most things through that lens in both my work and private life. I would not normally be a proponent of "more government" because it does tend to grow. That being said I do think government serves a vital role and that it can do great things when restrained properly. One of the things it can do is create an environment that provides stability and certainty for the private sector. I think one of the reasons our economy is struggling is because the private sector has no idea what to expect from the federal government from a regulatory and taxation standpoint. They are hesitant to invest because they might get side swiped by more taxes or regulation. I think most people would agree with this or hopefully they do. On a local level this same concept can be applied. If you and I had a company, particularly a high end consumer company, we would want to open our company in an area that had favorable household income demographics to ensure we had a pool of consumers nearby that wanted our products. We would also want to know that these consumers were not planning on leaving anytime soon to greener pastures. continued on next page
Alex J. Wright October 21, 2011 at 04:27 PM
Mark continued part 2 Why do people stay in one spot instead of moving? Low crime, good schools, good paying jobs nearby, good shopping, good entertainment, good parks, etc. A city, particulary the city we are talking about creating right now, cannot and will not control all these things. However, we can impact some of these things through the zoning, planning and code enforcement pieces. If you look at crimemapper.com and you do an overlay of where our high density housing is and where some of our struggling commercial strips are you will see a scary correlation between crime and these areas. I know that fact might upset people but unfortunately it is true. What we want to do is encourage redevelopment of areas within the new city that will make the balance between single family homes and high density housing to a ratio that lessens the wear and tear on our infrastructure, roads, public services, traffic, schools, etc. By reducing the supply of high density housing the rents should increase, the vacancy level should decrease, the revenue stream coming to the owners should increase allowing for better upkeep with the result hopefully that the small portion of renters in each complex who cause all the problems will not be able to afford to stay. This should decrease the crime rate which by extension make our area more attractive and hence help property values. So, how do we attract this higher end development? continued part 3
Alex J. Wright October 21, 2011 at 04:35 PM
Mark continued part 3 I think by incorporating and gaining control of our destiny it will be a signal to the private sector that we will be able to provide the political, and to a lesser extent the financial, stability that investors are looking for. As we both know with our investment dollars we don't want uncertainty with our investments. These guys are the same. Voting patterns show PC is a fairly conservative area and I would think that its conservatism is more of a fiscal conservative flavor than the other types of conservatism. In other words people are smart with their money, they are pro-business and they are going to elect a government that is pro-business in a big, big way. If I was an investor that is exactly what I would be looking for. A government that was solidly pro-business that had a very high income population. I'm looking at your original question and I don't I am answering it. The reason I think a city planning commission would be easier to influence is because of the seven members of the city council you get to vote for five of them. These are people that will live down the street from us. We will see them in the store or the post office. If they do something stupid we will be able to confront them more easily then if they live in Dacula or Buford. Plus, I think the pool of people we will be choosing our council from will have a view of business that will be less likely to do something stupid. Just my opinion. Thanks for your post.
Mim Harris October 21, 2011 at 05:38 PM
Alex, 1.) The signs destroyed were on both private property and right of way areas. The no signs were removed and a large YES sign was in there place. 2)My "claim" is that signs in both areas have been removed and/or destroyed and a Yes sign appears. I have never put a sign in a yard without permission and read where I was legally allowed to place the other signs per county code. FYI they are not allowed on telephone poles something I did learn.
Mim Harris October 21, 2011 at 06:05 PM
Alex, 2)Your article does not compare and contrast. Your article is about you being mad that you got banned off the No facebook page. If you were comparing and contrasting you would have included the information about the No sites being hacked which was clearly on the No facebook page and the numerous comments about sign removal not just the 2 photographed. Lets be honest here you want people to know that you were treated unfairly. Maybe trying to give people an emotional reason to vote yes:) Your bias is obvious as is mine. You want this city and you will continue to type and spin everything to that end. 2) If no one should be treated unfaily then when I tell you I was you should acknowledge it. Bottom line..."Mim I am sorry to hear that you were treaterd that way you are right that is wrong. Both sides make bad decisions".Instead I get"well maybe you talked too long" My question was asked at the end of the night when there were only about 15 people left. No one was waiting. Who I am and what I look like has nothing to do with it. This person heard the name Mim, knew I was No City and was rude. As I stated in my first comment...this is what comes with politics and one of the many reasons I will vote No on Nov 8.
Karen October 21, 2011 at 06:25 PM
Really?? Has the No City side sunk to this childish level? This is the first story I've read by this writer and the first time I have read about the antics of the No City side. Y'all really need to read the entire proposal as found on the UPCCA website to gain a more clear understanding of what we gain by becoming a city, but, more importantly, what we will lose if we don't become a city.
Alex J. Wright October 21, 2011 at 06:46 PM
Mim, Ok, lets cut to the chase here. The real question is this - once the big vote comes and goes on November 8th...... what are you and I going to have left to talk about? We will be like empty nest parents sitting at the kitchen table staring at each other saying "who are you?"
Jeanne Aulbach October 21, 2011 at 08:43 PM
Mim, thank you for giving me the opportunity to apologize. I had no way to get in touch with you. That was me. For the record, I don’t think you are stupid. I was tired and feeling raw after reading the unfounded accusations on the No Facebook page. I had actually walked over to try to talk to you and get to know you a little better personally. But I did not get the chance to say anything when you started asking your question. And it was not so much your question but the way in which you asked it, almost accusing us of trying to slip something into the charter and not letting folks know. My reaction was inappropriate and I sincerely apologize. Perhaps, once this is over and we can meet and find common ground. Actually, Mike called Mark over to speak with you because you stated that you were no lawyer and were trying to understand. Mike knows what that section meant, but felt you might accept the explanation better coming from a lawyer. Also, we have been getting many reports of Yes signs being pulled up, so you are not alone. No folks put No signs up alongside Yes signs and vice versa. Both sides have a right to express their opinion. I personally do not support, nor do I know anyone in the Yes leadership side who would either approve or condone the removal of an opposition sign. Again, please accept my apology.
Jeanne Aulbach October 21, 2011 at 10:28 PM
Alex, thanks for posting this. I too have been removed and blocked by the No folks. As you stated, only the administrator of the site has that ability. I guess they want to be heard, but only want their side to be presented. They have had input at every town hall meeting but have never invited anyone on the other side to present a fair and balanced picture to their meetings. I was very upset with this post: • Vote "NO" To The City Of Peachtree Corners Heard several "NO" signs were removed from peoples yards last night and one sign was replaced with a yes sign... They already are comitting a crime of criminal tresspass and theft. WHAT ELSE ARE THEY CAPABLE OF? So I posted to their accusation that we (the leadership of the YES side) pulled and destroyed their signs. My post went something like “I just want to state that no one actively involved in the YES side would ever pull or condone pulling your signs. We respect your right to free speech. I hope you are able to find and prosecute the perps.” That got removed. Then there was this post: • Vote "NO" To The City Of Peachtree Corners The next theft will be from your pockets, in the form of additional taxes, an average of $350-$450/ year to start. Why would you want to pay money to people who have criminal intent and are doing criminal actions before the election? I asked how they came up with that figure. That was removed. Continued....
Jeanne Aulbach October 21, 2011 at 10:30 PM
Part 2 I also responded to a question from someone on the fence about annexation. I just pointed out that there is a legislative option for contiguous areas where no one gets to vote. That was removed. What really concerns me is that they make such false accusations against those of us who support and work for the city initiative. And we cannot defend ourselves. As you stated, there are some in the fringes in both groups who do hings we would not countenance and would stop if we could. Now we are being accused of hacking their blog sites! • Vote "NO" To The City Of Peachtree Corners OK. Folks... SOMEONE HACKED INTO OUR BLOG LAST NIGHT AND DESTROYED EVERYTHING.... I WOULD NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE WHO IS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS TYPE OF CRIMINAL ACTION. If you are on the fence and undecided, please take a look at everything before you decide. The Charter is what we are voting on. We want you to be an informed voter...Thank you • Vote "NO" To The City Of Peachtree Corners With all the signs being taken down, and NOW OUT BLOG WAS HACKED... ITS A WONDER WHAT IS IN STORE NEXT FOR PEACHTREE CORNERS. THESE ACTIONS ARE CRIMINAL... AND WE HAVE NOT EVEN GONE TO THE POLLS.... Continued..
Jeanne Aulbach October 21, 2011 at 10:30 PM
Conclusion Hate to tell this to the NO folks, but there is no one working on the YES side who has the knowledge of how do it, but we are painted as criminals! And they are spreading these falsehoods in e-mails (I saw one) making it look like our leadership is doing this. If asking for false accusations to be retracted is “whining” put me in the whining group.
Tony Dwiggins October 23, 2011 at 11:42 PM
For the no voters - other than the tax issue, please name the specific objections that you have to forming a city.
Lori Howard October 24, 2011 at 01:42 AM
After reading this blog, I am frightened by what I am reading about the "NO" folks. I for one would not want to be aligned with such negativity...
Mim Harris October 25, 2011 at 04:08 PM
Tony, Although taxes are an important issue it is also the creating of more government that I am opposed too. Most of my services will remain with the county and I have no problem with the current zoning and coding and trash pickup so therefore do not see the need to create a city to give me 3 services that I am currently receiving. Basically I do not see the value add. This is my main reason. If you would like to review more information from those opposed to the city iniative you can get information from: http://www.facebook.com/#!/voteNOtoPeachtreeCorners and from there you can see 2 other blogs or you can check out : https://sites.google.com/site/peachtreecornersballotcomm/ Hope this helps answer your question.
Alex J. Wright October 25, 2011 at 04:43 PM
Mim, I'm assuming since you are posting links to the Ballot Committee's websites that you must be on the committee or at least in contact with whoever is running the committee. Since you are using this article to try and drive people over to read the NO sides's viewpoint I was wondering if you could get the Ballott Committee's facebook admin to unhide my comments I left on their site and also unban me so everyone can read both sides over on that site as well. There certainly can't be any harm in letting people read both sides, right?
Mim Harris October 25, 2011 at 05:11 PM
Alex, I was simply answering a question from Tony Dwiggins. I am not on the Ballot Committe and have not attended any meetings so I have no say in what they do. I believe in democracy and would have given Tony the address of the UPCCA website had he asked to have information for the YES side. His request was for the No voters to explain their side and I was giving him the resources I am familiar with. FYI...I made my decision when I read the charter, reviewed the feasibility study and saw the new city boundaries which was well before any Ballot Committe or No facebook page.
Tony Dwiggins October 25, 2011 at 09:30 PM
Mim, thanks for the references. After reading there, I am more convinced now than before of the YES vote that I will cast on November 8.
Mim Harris October 25, 2011 at 10:02 PM
Tony, Glad to be of service. I thought your question was genuine and missed the sarcasm. Silly me.


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