Cookies, Cookies Everywhere

It's Girl Scout cookie season. Which is your favorite Peachtree Corners?


The Girl Scouts are making their annual march through neighborhoods. It's one of my favorite times of the year. No where else can I find any cookie that comes close to these delicious sweet treats.

I admit I usually overbuy and stash some of the boxes away in the freezer so my husband and kids can't find them.

But I think they're on to me. Last fall my son found my last hidden box of thin mints deep in the bottom of the freezer. This year, when our neighborhood Girl Scout stopped by to take our order, I noticed my family looking over my shoulder to find out just how many boxes I had ordered.

It's really hard to pick out a favorite cookie, I am partial to the thin mints and samoas. I bet I'm not the only Girl Scout cookie aficionado in Peachtree Corners so I've decided to take a poll to find out just which cookie is the favorite in the community.

Indulge me for a few minutes and take my poll - just select your favorite Girl Scout cookie and check back to see how your favorite cookie is doing among your neighbors. I'll keep the poll running for few days and announce which cookie made the top of the list.



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