Looking to Claim a Tax Deduction for Charitable Donations? Declutter Today

Goodwill offers homeowners some suggestions for decluttering their home.

Looking for a way to claim a deduction for charitable donations prior to the new year? According to a press release from Goodwill, you still have time.

"We always receive our heaviest volume of donations from Dec. 26 to Dec. 31. Last year we received more than 87,000 donations during the last week of the year," stated Director of Public Relations Elaine Armstrong.

Goodwill currently has over 100 locations available to accept your donations and the organization encourages families to declutter and make room for new items they may have received during Christmas. Goodwill suggests that individuals donate the following types of items:

  • Clothing and shoes: Donate items that no longer fit or that you don't wear. Remember to check the pockets of clothing items prior to donation.
  • Books: Upgrading to an e-reader? Donate some of your old books.
  • CD's and DVD's: Using an iPod to listen to your favorite tunes? Donate old CD's and DVD's to your local store.
  • Kitchen appliances: Increase your countertop space by donating old appliances today.
  • Cell phones: Old cellphones are accepted at all drop-off locations, delete your personal data and contacts first.
  • Household items: Figurines, candle holders and baskets can clutter up your space, donate some and keep your favorites.
  • Computers: A partnership with Dell Reconnect allows these items donated through Goodwill to be recycled responsibly.

Donations made through Goodwill not only allow homeowners to declutter and give them a tax deduction, they also help impact the community in a positive way. "Each time someone makes a donation or purchase, they are helping to put thousands of people to work through job training and employment services," stated Armstrong in a press release.

More information regarding tax deductions and charitable donations may be found online.


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