New Norcross Co-Op Program Aims to Raise $4.2M

With community leaders assisting, the Restoring Hope! Initiative will help those in need in the Norcross area.


The Norcross Cooperative Ministry is launching a new program to raise $4.2 million for those in need in the greater Norcross area.

The Restoring Hope! Initiative is a five-year project that consists of three initiatives:

Transform Lives, where the Norcross Co-Op will work closely with a minimum of 100 families over the next five years to help them break the cycle of poverty and return to a productive lifestyle.

Provide New and Expanded Services, which will increase food distribution and emergency housing and begin to provide non-food items to families in need.

And to Educate and Communicate, where the ministry will expand local awareness of the needs in the greater Norcross area.

Senior Pastor Randy Pope of Perimeter Church and Jim Ellis of Jim Ellis Automotive Group have agreed to serve as the co-chairs of the campaign council, according to a news release.

"Restoring Hope! is a dynamic program that will meet the current and future needs of the ministry and the thousands of people they serve," said Pope. "The Norcross Co-op and Director Shirley Cabe have done an outstanding job over the last 25 years. Now, this new five-year program will take this important ministry to the next level. The Restoring Hope! Initiative will enable us to help so many more and in such a better way."

Jim Copeland, the retired CEO of Deloitte, also joins the initiative as the campaign general chairman. Copeland will be joined by church, corporate and community leaders throughout the Norcross area contacting churches, businesses and families to garner support for the co-op and this important program, according to the release.

"Now is the right time for us to focus our attention on those in need," Copeland explained. "This new initiative will help us strengthen and enhance the co-op’s current programs like providing much needed food and clothing. And it will enable the ministry to implement new programs to help those who sincerely want to break the poverty cycle and stabilize their families. Most of all, the Restoring Hope! program will encourage all of us, from our churches and businesses, to work together for the good of those in need in this part of Gwinnett County. Ultimately, the Restoring Hope! initiative will significantly impact not only the lives of all who are receiving… but it will impact the lives of all who are giving."

The Restoring Hope! Initiative first aims to support the churches in the greater Norcross area during the next four months. For more information, contact John McCrory in the Restoring Hope! Initiative office at 770-239-7415.


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