Peachtree Corners Trivia Questions Answered

Answers to last weeks trivia questions about Peachtree Corners and Berkeley Lake.

This week the answers to our trivia questions and next week we will have our monthly housing update.  This is Labor Day weekend and most will be enjoying their last goodbye to summer so no open houses but check next week for new listings and open houses.

1. What is the name of the building in Jones Bridge Park where many people in Peachtree Corners vote?

The Good Age Building.

2. What was the name of the business that occupied the building that is now ?

I think one of the most fascinating things was watching Jumbo Sports become the beautiful Christ the King Lutheran Church. It is a beautiful church and you would never know it once was the home of tennis shoes and sports equipment.

3. What neighborhood was the first Cowart community in 30092?

When Jim Cowart was expanding beyond Dunwoody his first subdivision in Peachtree Corners was Spalding Corners.

4. What was the inspiration for the street names in Peachtree Station?

It is so fun to drive the roads of Georgia and see all the small towns that are street names in Peachtree Station.

5. How many acres make up Simpsonwood Retreat?

I think many used Google on this one. I know I did. I never could remember 227 acres made up Simpsonwood retreat. This land is so beautiful and with the river as its border, it is a wonderful place for a walk. 

6. Why is there no longer a Jones Bridge?

If you answered Jones Bridge was stolen you are correct. Thieves stole half the bridge and it is assumed it was sold for the scrap value.

7. What year was the original building of The Robert Fowler YMCA completed?

There was great excitement in the Peachtree Corner’s  area when the Robert Fowler YMCA was opened in 1997. There were so many exciting things in the year leading up to the opening. I was on a committee to get sidewalks in our community. We were told sidewalks would be in place when the Y opened. They were close since they were put in within a year of the opening of the Y.  The Y is the heart of Peachtree Corners.

8. Where was the original Peachtree Corners monument (sign)?

Many guessed but only one got it right. At the corner of Holcomb Bridge and S.R. 141 there was once a Peachtree Corners monument. We were all devastated when they tore it down to put in the Kroger shopping center. The developer assured us it would be replaced once the shopping area was finished.

9. What was the name of the person who was kidnapped and buried alive and later rescued in the Berkeley Lake area.

The kidnapping on December 17, 1968 of Barbara Jane Mackle was national news. It was a very scary time and everyone held their breath waiting for news about Barbara . She was a student at Emory University. Her father, a wealthy Florida developer, paid a $500,000 ransom.

The FBI was given a general location by one of the kidnappers that covered almost 100 acres around Berkeley Lake. She was buried for three days and was found unharmed but dehydrated. She wrote a book titled “83 Hours ‘Til Dawn.” There were two made-for TV movies about her kidnapping.

10.  A sports team from Atlanta had a retreat at Berkeley Lake. What was their name?

Everybody missed this and I was a little surprised. Berkeley Lake was a popular recreational area for people in Atlanta. There was no Lake Lanier at the time. Berkeley lake was where many escaped on the weekend. The sports team that built a retreat at Berkeley Lake was the Atlanta Crackers. They were a minor league baseball team and were around until 1961.  The team had a very interesting cottage on Berkeley Lake. This home was on the market several years ago, and I had the opportunity to show it to my clients.

The banisters on the stairs were made from baseball bats.This led to a big party room. A few years later I saw a national magazine featuring the home. The couple who had lived there restored it and kept the baseball bat staircase.

If you live in Berkeley Lake and know this home let me know. I would love to know if it still has the baseball bat banisters.

11. Name the companies that have occupied the buildings where Fiserv now has their offices on East Jones Bridge Road.

This one did not a stump most people. The companies that occupied the address were Simmons Company, Stockholder Systems Inc. (SSI) and Checkfree in that order.

12. Peachtree Boosters played soccer on pasture land that now make up two subdivisions near Pinckneyville Middle School. Name one of these subdivisions.

The Peachtree Corners boosters club played soccer on the fields that are now Rivercrest and Wickershire. I know, since I took my boys to practice there.

Nobody got them all correct but Pat Bruschini had the most correct answers. Pat is the president of .


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