Selling Guns in Peachtree Corners

The city has two stores that sell firearms, Dick's Sporting Goods store and Norcross Gun Club and Range. Will tighter gun controls ensure our safety?

The Sandy Hook shooting deaths have everyone on edge and wondering just how safe they - and their children - really are.

The focus naturally turns to guns, and how to keep weapons from the hands of those who would kill the innocent and unarmed.

And it has put those who sell guns in the spotlight.

Dick's Sporting Goods, which has over 500 stores in 44 states including Peachtree Corners, sells rifles, shotguns and ammunition. Shortly after the Friday shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the company made an announcement that "out of respect for the victims and their families," it would remove all guns from sale and from display at its store nearest to Newtown, Conn.

"The company also made the decision to pull sporting rifles from all stores," said Ryan Carson, the store manager at the Peachtree Corners location. Other models of rifles and ammunition would still be available for purchase he said.

At the Norcross Gun Club and Range, also located in Peachtree Corners, owner Cara Workman said it would be business as usual.

"We continue to follow all state and local requirements," said Workman. Anyone coming into the store is required to complete a form that includes a background check that's run through NICS (the FBI's national instant criminal background check system, she said.

It's a thorough examination that will flag anyone who "even an unpaid speeding, parking or other traffic ticket," she said.

The gun range sells handguns, rifles and both semi- and automatic-rifles. Chris Sterling, the general manager, said the store has no plans of removing the store's automatic rifles from the shelves.

"We're all sad about what happened in Connecticut," said Sterling, "but there are more people killed by drunk drivers every year. Are they going to outlaw alcohol to eliminate those kinds of deaths from happening?"

President Obama has vowed to get something done to ensure a tragedy such as this would not occur again. Locally the Georgia General Assembly will face the issue of stricter gun control when it convenes in January.

But gun advocates quickly point out that "guns don't kill people, people kill." The National Riffle Association (NRA), a strong advocate of our 2nd Amendment rights, has been mostly silent since the shootings, issuing only a short statement that expressing saddness of the shootings and out of respect for the families who had lost loved ones would wait until later to make a public statement.

The NRA has been in the spotlight since the school shootings and is expected to hold a press conference on Friday regarding the call for stronger gun control and the possible ban of automatic weapons.

So what is the answer? Is it a simple matter of mandating stricter gun controls? Or is the issue much more complex?


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jb December 20, 2012 at 03:32 PM
In the shadow of Newtown, with people's emotions still raw, it's important for people to take a breath. The context has changed, and we all realize that. It's clear that current situation isn't working, but the reasons aren't clear. One thing is clear, the same old answers aren't working. Not to take Mr. Sterling's comment out of context, his quote doesn't necessarily show his whole attitude, but we ALREADY ban drunk driving. The logic of the statement is false. We also ban Indy-class race cars on our neighborhood streets, and everyone sees the sense in that. All but the extreme realize that guns will never be banned completely from our society, and some question whether that's even desirable. In every other facet of our society, especially issues that have the potential of lethality, we apply a measure of reasonableness and responsibility. That needs to be the case here. I would hope that everyone would stop framing this discussion on a liberal/conservative dichotomy, the basis of so many of our differences over the last few years. Doing so automatically polarizes the topic, pulling in feelings from other debates. This issue deserves to stand on its own. It's too important. I know plenty of people who call themself liberal who are gunowners, and plenty of conservatives who have never owned one. This is a human issue, it's extremely complex, and can only be resolved by calm, reasonable voices. Everyone, please leave your old attitudes at the door
BJ Van Gundy December 20, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Sorry Judy. But I don't see the relation between stores that sell guns nor the relevance of this article to what happened in Connecticut due to a mentally unstable individual. @Mar You will be happy to know that Automatic weapons are NOT available for "general purchase and use". So put your mind at ease. Also. If it helps a little bit more, NONE of the guns for sale at Dick's or Walmart are/were Automatic weapons. In order to actually OWN an Automatic weapon, that weapon has to have been manufactured prior to May 19, 1986, and must have been registered with the BATF. According to political scientist Earl Kruschke, as published several years ago, none of the 175,000 registered AUTOMATIC weapons had EVER been used to commit a violent crime. The fact is, the only two things that makes certain guns targets for banning is: They LOOK scarier than other guns or they have a higher volume capacity of their magazines. And of those two characteristics.... LOOKING scary should be ignored. FUNCTIONALITY of ALL guns for sale "for general purchase and use" is the same for ALL guns. If we are going to have a conversation in this country regarding guns, that is fine. But those that want to participate in that conversation should become informed on the subject before speaking on it. It would make the conversation more productive in the end.
Mar H December 21, 2012 at 06:26 AM
BJ: I listened to a piece today on NPR that explained the difference between semi-automatic and automatic weapons. I learned that semi-automatic weapons, the ones that are sold for non-military usage, even though they only fire one bullet at a time, are actually more efficient, as they do not kick upward the way automatic weapons do, and they are actually preferred by police and the military. My mind is not at ease.
Jimmy December 21, 2012 at 01:44 PM
Mar, if you're looking to ease your mind, I respectfully suggest you listen to something other than NPR. The military are trained to shoot automatic weapons and know how to compensate for the muzzle rise you describe. And for most foot soldiers their weapons are set to select-fire in semi-auto mode so as not to waste ammo. The big guns are full auto and are mounted so they dont 'kick up'. It was unfortunate that a guy at a gun store should mention driving, drunk or otherwise...they tried to ban alchohol once, it didnt work out too well. Probably a good lesson there for the gun-banners if they're willing to look. But nowhere in the Constitution are any of us guaranteed the right to keep and bear an automobile, Indy class race car or otherwise. Just curious, can you tell me which of the other first ten amendments you're willing to forsake along with #2?
BJ Van Gundy December 21, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Mar. Silly concerns such as the kick of the gun I am simply not going to be able to discuss logically or objectively. You have obviously made up your mind that it is the gun that is at fault and that you are against ALL guns (while you initially WRONGLY were only against automatic weapons). All of my guns have enough of a kick that requires reaiming. Even my .22. This, as I said, is simply a silly argument that NPR apparently had to come up with to make their silly argument that it is guns that kill people and not mental case people that kill people.


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