UPCCA 2013 Board Members Elected

The Peachtree Corners organization named six new officers and six directors.

The United Peachtree Corners Civic Association (UPCCA), founded in 1993, elected its 2013 board members at a meeting held Monday at Christ the King Church.

The 2013 officers are:

  • Scott Hilton - President
  • Gray Terry - VP of Land Use
  • Sherry Ferguson - VP Programs
  • Paul Tooher - Treasurer
  • Cecilia Crutchfield - Secretary
  • Pat Bruschini - Past President

And the 2013 Directors:

  • Judy Jay - Special Events
  • LC Johnson, Community Relations
  • Mike Murphy, Legal Counsel
  • Ron Murray - Business Membership
  • Debbie Mason - Peachtree Parkway Improvement Project
  • Janice Crosby - Membership

UPCCA represents some 3,800 neighborhoods. Mike Mason, now the city's mayor and past president of the civic group reminded that the vision for the UPCCA should be to "define yourself by what you are rather than what you are against."

Gay Shook, the outgoing VP of Programs outlined the numerous programs that the UPCCA had hosted this year.

"It was a record breaking year for UPCCA," said Shook as she counted off the city's candidate forums, yard & garden expo, the city's swearing in ceremony, Founders day celebration, along with programs on T-Splost and education update and other candidate forums for state and local leaders.

Wayne Knox, also a long time board member was stepping down. "I've waited for this moment all year," said Knox as he passed the responsibilities as VP of Land Use to incoming board member Gray Terry.

And Pat Bruschini, active in the UPCCA since 2002, has served in a number of capacities on the board, will pass the gavel onto her sucessor Scott Hilton. "I've lost count on how long you've served on the board," said Shook.

Hilton, a new board member, will lead the organization as president along with a number of new board members who are stepping in.

"I'm passionate about Peachtree Corners," said Hilton. The UPCCA's website will get an upgrade and add a Facebook page as part of a commitment to help share information to homeowners.

We're your advocate, we're your champion," he said speaking of UPCCA's role. "I look forward to 2013 and beyond as the new president."

Pat Bruschini November 13, 2012 at 12:17 PM
Judy - Thanks for featuring the UPCCA annual business meeting. Just one note. UPCCA represents more than 3800 households, not neighborhoods.


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