What's Happening in Peachtree Corners

Do you ever look through the photos in the Pics & Clips gallery? If not, take a moment to peruse the images - and add your own. It's easy to do.

The Pics & Clips Gallery is a collection of photos of happenings around the city. Take a moment and look through the images - and please add your own.

The tab is located at the top of the homepage.

This section is open for anyone in the community to post. Do you have a great shot of your child playing in the park, shooting hoops or scoring a goal?

Maybe you've got a prized flower blooming in your garden to show off or a photo of your cat enjoying a moment soaking in the sun on a winter day.

Whatever the subject, this is a place for you to share your photos - we all love to look at photos.

You're just a click away to add your own. Locate the link marked "Upload Photos and Videos."

And yes, you can upload videos too.


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