Super Soaker, Dustbuster Developed By NASA?

"Space Spinoffs" at Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville highlights some of the good that has come from us visiting the Moon.

Tellus Science Museum is disputing the belief NASA "has done nothing for us here on Earth" by answering the question: "What good has come from us visiting the Moon?"

Dozens of technologies—from the critical to the comical—have been developed by NASA throughout the years and with its new exhibit, "Space Spinoffs," the Cartersville museum hopes to show how the world has changed, thanks to NASA.

"I think that a lot people think, 'We pour a lot of money into the space program and what good is it? It’s just a bunch of nerds flying around in space, doing experiments for who knows what,'" Curator Julian Gray told The Daily Tribune News. "But there are a number of things we get out of the space program, so we wanted to call attention to that as well."

Technologies developed by NASA include laser eye surgery, satellite television and the Dustbuster, and NASA is responsible for improved aerodynamics of airplanes and the invention of the Super Soaker, according to Tellus. We can thank NASA for the artificial heart pump, GPS technology and Memory Foam, too, according to the newspaper.

"Space Spinoffs" opened today runs through April 7.

This article first appeard in the Cartersville Patch.


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