A Peek at Noble Village's Newest Plans

Complete details including cottage floor plans for the Peachtree Corners senior center on Spalding Drive is expected to be available next month.

Large construction equipment and bulldozers still fill the site of the future Noble Village at Spalding, a senior living center currently under construction in Peachtree Corners.

But within the next few months information on the Spalding Drive center will be available for future residents' review.

"We're waiting for the final pieces of literature which we expect next week then we will begin mailing the information out to everyone by Feb. 1," said Tammy McGrady, spokesperson for the company. "And we expect to have a sales and information trailer on the property by February or March."

McGrady said the recent rain had delayed the pouring of the footings which they had hoped to have complete by now but said the construction is still on pace and Noble Village is expected to open in the fall of 2013.

The Spalding Drive development will offer choices for residents 55 and over that include:

  • Private apartment homes (one and two bedroom)
  • Cottage homes (one, two and three bedroom)
  • Assisted living (one bedroom and studio)
  • Memory care villa (studio)

Amenities at the new center including walking paths, pet park, zero-entry heated pool, laundry service, post office, dining room, chapel and several dining areas.

The majority of the residences will be leased, but 19 of the cottage homes on the property will be for sale.

McGrady released the updated community layout plans to Peachtree Corners Patch and said the floor plans for the homes should be ready within the next few weeks and will be part of the information available at the sales center when it opens.

Noble Village at Spalding is located at 5701 Spalding Drive on the site of the former Faith Life Church. For more information call Noble Village's main office at 770-232-3008.

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K Wade January 23, 2013 at 11:20 AM
A "peak"? Did I miss the pun?
Judy Putnam (Editor) January 23, 2013 at 11:47 AM
Nope, just a result of a long day at the keyboard, thanks for catching my error.
Bob January 23, 2013 at 12:28 PM
Did I miss the uprising from the additional traffic along Spalding that this would bring to the surrounding area? Do we really need more cars driving up and down this stretch of the road? Was there an impact study done? Are we going to charge the developer for the additional cost of the fire department when a senior citizen falls asleep while cooking dinner and the house burns down? The last thing that I recall being discussed about this development was the land buffer. But nowhere did I see the kind of hysterical screaming about this development as I have about the apartments across from the Forum. Is it because the Seniors will not be attending school? They're still going to have an impact on our infrastructure.
Robin Montri January 23, 2013 at 07:17 PM
Bob- I'm guessing that the majority of the uproar regarding the apartment complex is due to the fact that any elementary age children living there will be attending Simpson Elementary. Depending on the number of students living in the complex, it could impact zoning of neighborhoods not as close to Simpson (think Wellington Lakes). Any realtor will tell you that the homes in Simpson school district have a higher value than surrounding districts due to the fact that Simpson is a top state ranked (in addition to be nationally recognized this year) elementary school. People do not want anything to potentially shake up what's obviously working well at the school that could, in turn, potentially negatively impact home values in the district. (Note: currently, there are zero apartment complexes in the Simpson school district). I'm not saying this is my opinion necessarily, but as a parent with 2 kids at Simpson and who's lived in the district for 13 years, I can tell you that the vast majority of people have this on their mind. And of course, there is an additional traffic concern and burden on 141 and PIB. And 250 apartments will house many more people than this senior living complex (which, from what I understand, is the first of its kind in P'tree Corners, so many see the additional of the senior complex as a very positive thing...and no addition to the student population and likely minimal amounts of additional traffic).
Tom H January 23, 2013 at 09:23 PM
Looking at the plot of the village, I’m not sure I know where Spalding Drive is. Also, I don’t see any space for parking cars. It is a three story layout.
Bob January 24, 2013 at 12:27 PM
And Robin, therein lies the problem. While the homes in the Simpson district as a whole have a higher property value, they are not the only part of Peachtree Corners. Peachtree Corners exists down to Winters Chapel and north to Berkeley Lake. Spalding already suffers from some pretty serious traffic issues, like much of the rest of Peachtree Corners, so for some to raise a stink about one development over another is rather myopic. Especially when the concerns that are being raised are about traffic and other services that the city currently does not supply (police, fire, etc).
David B. Manley January 27, 2013 at 02:17 AM
First, this project is a great improvement over the weed covered property with a burned out building on it. Second, something was going to be built on this land eventually, and this sort of development is much better than covering the land with high density apartments. Third, this development will not burden the school system (whether Peachtree or Simpson, and Pickneyville and Norcross High). Fourth, the residents are less likely to take to Spalding during rush hours (my family and I exit onto Spalding and we don't see this development making traffic on Spalding significantly worse). Fifth, I believe the fire department is well equipped to handle any fire just down the street from its station. Sixth, the residents will use the services and buy the goods of our businesses. Seventh, the incidence of crime at this type of development is practically nonexistent. Eighth, the buffer question was resolved, both Gwinnett County and City of Peachtree Corners Planning Commission approved the plans, and the only objection by a few residents living behind the project was that one building was four feet higher than they wished. Ninth, senior citizens occupying the project usually have a stable lifestyle compatible with what we wish for our community. There are probably more reasons, but these are the ones that readily come to mind. It seems to me comparing this development and its impact with 450 new apartments and their impact is like comparing a Smurf to Godzilla.
Tom H January 27, 2013 at 11:27 PM
Hey David, I only ask about the parking places. It's a great use of this land. Tom
David B. Manley January 28, 2013 at 02:48 AM
Whoa, there, Tom. You had good comments / questions, my comments were not a response to yours, and I was not directing my comments your way at all (although I can see your reason to respond since my comment came right after yours). I meant my comments for general consideration although maybe I should have used the "Reply" button to Bob's or Robin Montri's comments to avoid any possible confusion. By the way, I believe Spalding intersects the entrance, and the parking is located, on the lower (South) portion of the property, as shown on the above layout PDF that can be expanded by clicking or tapping on it. Kind regards.


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