Neighbors Question Plans for Land Buffer

Land has been cleared on the Noble Village property, but nearby Peachtree Corners homeowners have questions for the developer on the planned buffer between their homes and the development.

Bulldozers, track hoes and dump trucks have descended on the property of the former as developers clear the land to make room for a new senior living center.

It was welcome news for Peachtree Corners residents who have been driving past the burned-out church building and overgrown property on Spalding Drive.

But a few of the Peachtree Station neighbors who live directly behind the new development are concerned over some of the work being done, particularly the natural buffer that was to be a part of the building plans.

"My neighbors and I walked through the "enhanced" buffer over the weekend trying to understand what was being done around us," said Ronald Santaniello in an email. He and his wife, Marianne, have lived in the home directly behind the new development for the past 22 years.

The city's community development liaison, Michelle Alexander of Pond & Co. said the neighbors directly affected by the Noble Village development will be receiving notices soon about a meeting to be scheduled mid September.

And Noble Village's owner Tim Gary is expected to meet on site with the homeowners within the next day or two to review the plans for the development.

"We will meet often to address new concerns and in the end make sure we have a very nice buffer" said Gary in an email. 

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