New Name for Gwinnett Tourism Organization

Explore Gwinnett is now the name for the former Gwinnett Convention & Visitors Bureau.


Gwinnett County's tourism organization, which is responsible for planning events at the Gwinnett Arena and Coolray Field, among other sites, is rebranding itself.

According to a news release, the organization is now calling itself Explore Gwinnett, with the tag line "Atlanta's Playground."

“We truly feel that our new name, branding and logo pull together so many positive aspects of Gwinnett’s reputation with visitors,” Lisa Anders, executive director of Explore Gwinnett, said in a news release.

“Gwinnett is a vibrant, active community and there are so many things to do. Visitors love to explore, so we are inviting them to explore Gwinnett.”

The organization, which is based in Duluth, works to bring some 2 million visitors annually to Gwinnett. It coordinates sporting events, trade shows, family reunions, corporate travel, faith-based events and more, the release said. The organization said that over $904 million in visitor expenditures are made annually in Gwinnett.

The group books events and conventions at the Gwinnett Arena, such as Gwinnett Gladiators games as well as high school graduations. Also, it is leading the way for the upcoming .

“This change did not come on a whim. We did our research and really planned it out. In our focus groups, both residents and tourists, used words like fun, exciting and entertaining to describe Gwinnett,” Anders continued. “There is no doubt that there is a trend within the tourism industry of getting away from bureaucratic names and titles that non-industry people just don’t understand.”


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