Parents Left Confused and Angry After Day Care’s Unannounced Closure

Just for Kids Academy in Norcross was forced to close by the state because of serious safety violations.

Just for Kids Academy in Norcross. Photo Credit: Screenshot from WSB-TV
Just for Kids Academy in Norcross. Photo Credit: Screenshot from WSB-TV
Parents who send their children to Just for Kids Academy in Norcross were left stunned and confused when the child-care facility suddenly shut down without any advance notice to its clients.

According to WSB-TV Atlanta, state officials forced the day care to close because of reported safety violations that included leaving little children unsupervised, a worker caught screaming at the children and unsanitary conditions such as diaper stations not being properly sanitized.

WSB-TV reports that the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning revoked the center’s license when the violations were noted. Two cease and desist orders have also been given to the day care. In a notice of revocation dated April 3, the department stated that the closure would take effect 30 days after it had been received. Owners had plenty of time to notify parents of what was happening.

“We really need to know what is going on, we need answers. It is not fair, my child is left with no day care,” parent Annice Graham told WSB.

Not even employees knew about the shutdown. Another parent, Alvin Brooks told the TV station, “You see kids sitting in cars, you see employees coming to work, and everybody just standing outside looking baffled.”

Parents like Graham and Brooks were not aware of the violations and are now trying to figure how to get their money back. Which begs the bigger question: how aware are parents of what happens in their day cares? Brooks had paid the fee for the week on Monday, but by the next day, the facility was closed.

“I feel disgusted because hard-working people don’t deserve this,” Brooks said.

So far, the facility’s director and owner have declined comment. But they plan to appeal the state’s decision on May 19.

Gagal May 14, 2014 at 09:35 AM
Please......the state finally closes a crappy place down and you are complaining because you couldn't drop your kids off???? I can see $$ issues but not that you don't have day care for the day.
Peach May 14, 2014 at 09:55 AM
Any working parent could relate. They've paid for child care out of their hard-earned money and the next day the center is closed. WTH???! The parent still has to work. In this job market, parents can't take off for the week! Whatever the violations were, they were obviously not shared with the parents and staff. And the low-life owners kept the money for the week. They should be arrested.


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