College Debt Forgiven for Votes!

MOVEON.ORG is asking for college debt to be forgiven. With the election so close will Obuma agree to forgive college debt for votes, like he has with the 18-34 year old illegal alien law?

Are you ready to pay for your neighbor’s college debt?  You were so happy for little Ian and Heather when they got into Duke and The University of Georgia.   You congratulated your neighbors, didn’t you?  They congratulated you when your Josh made it into Georgia Tech.  While you worked extra jobs, delayed retirement, or sold your stocks to make sure your Josh did not graduate with hundreds of thousands of dollars in college debt, Ian and Heather were racking up thousands in college debt!  They were debt partying while the country continued to dool out thousands to keep them in college. Are you ready, once again, to have your taxes pay off someone elses actions? GET READY!

While a student at UGA, I worked at the Radio-TV-Film office 3 hours a day, at the IHOP from 6-11pm M-Th, and at the Stepping Stone on Friday and Saturday nights.  I then drove back to Athens at 4pm so I could wake up in my own bed on Sunday to start my week over.  I loved my freedom and my time at UGA.  I had a friend that would go home and sell a cow when he needed cash and a roommate that would get her, "DADDY'S MONEY" check on the first of each month only to get high with it.  I asked if she really thought her father was working late in life so she could get high?  It went over her stoned head.  I would never dishonor my Father's labor by getting high!  I valued my education and my degree more than she ever did, as she did not put anything into it other than her time.  Accomplishments mean more when you do the work for the expense.  

We, that are, tax paying citizens, (remember 41% of American Citizens DO NOT PAY ANY TAXES) have been paying for the banks bailout, the energy companies bailout, and now we are being asked to bailout another group. Have you not heard about the latest?  Get your money/taxes ready because there is a new group of entitled citizens that are demanding that you and I pay off their college tuition debt!  You know who they are, they are neighbors kids that went off to college and racked up millions in student loans.    

Now our priviledged youth of this country want Obuma to forgive their college loan debts. They have begun a MOVEON.ORG petition to demand that Obuma forgive them of their billions in their college debt. ( Ubelieving Liberals please Google College Debt and MOVEON.org)

With this being an election year and the presidential election being only two percentage points between winner and looser, Obuma has a wonderful opportunity to pick up MILLIONS of new voters by approving the MOVE ON.ORG demands.

What?  You don’t share my worries that our president would not make this happen with a stroke of his mighty pen?  This week illegals aliens, 18-34 years of age, are now allowed to stay in this country thanks to a personal election decision made by the man running for his life and second term as president! Notice that Obuma made sure the age began at the voting age of 18!  No citizen voting, no congressional debates, no bill begun in the House or Senate, no challenge in the Supreme Court, just a president that waved his royal arm and said, “SO BE IT!”  

Obuma needs only to gain a few more points to secure solidly this election.  Let me ask you a question.  If Obuma said he would pay off your house debt/mortagage bill, WOULD YOU VOTE FOR HIM?  Well, would you?  These priviledged college graduates are demanding that you and I pay for their college educations.  They want their debt wipped clean.  They took from the government millions and now are demanding that tax paying citizens pick up their debt.  Their stated logic is that all the money that they are now having to pay back will now be spend in the ecomony and will raise it up!  Millions of students are not paying back their loans at all even though they are currently employed.  You do not have to pay back the money until you  have a job!  Professionals, doctors, attorneys, and lawyers all seem to think that we own them a living!  Do they not realize that by not paying back into the college kitty, there will not be any money for today’s college bound students!  Again, the “I GOT MINE!” mentality prevails. At what point did they say to themsleves, "WHOA I am never going to be able to pay this back I better get a job, or get two jobs or sell a cow!  No those thought never entered their minds but this did, "What the Hey...somebody will take care of this for me I LIVE IN AMERICA, I don't need to have personal responsibility I have ODUMA!!!!!

Once again citizens who do the right things are being asked to pay for those who are not working as hard or as smart as they are.  When will this end?  I believe that there are times in everyone's life when help is truly a necessity.  I believe in helping my fellow man and woman when they are in TRUE need. I do not think running up debt and then saying, "PAY MY WAY SUCKER!" is a policy we need to allow.  College is not a requirement in life, it is a desire.  We must stop believing that our fellow citizens are the end all to our wants and desires. The facts of the matter are these:

  1. The federal government does not have the money to pay for promises aready made.(votes bought)
  2. Several voters are putting their votes up for purchase by asking for their education debts to be paid off. 
  3. Since they do not have the funds to back the promise at this time, they are rally saying, “ Vote for me now and we will wipe out your debt by adding it to our national debt and letting our grandchildren and their children pay it off.”
  4. If that makes sense to you, your education money was wasted.         

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Cynthia Montgomery August 23, 2012 at 06:07 PM
David, Right there with you. Lazy and rich voters let go of their country and allowed their elected leaders to do what was their will and not our will with our country. Without a return of the masses to politics. we will continue to see our leaders robbing our children's paychecks of the future to pay for items that are foolish and unnecessary to our survival. The government CAN NOT be all things to all people as it was NEVER intended to be in the first place. The though of paying off college debt is just about RIGHT the way people are thinking now days! While Romney may not be a knight in shinning armor but I am willing to give another man a change at is just as millions gave today's president his chance to change the mess. I believe we need a new direction and a new man's with new ideas. At the very least the country needs a different viewpoint. If as you say it was a mess when your man came into office then my man will also be inheriting a mess as well. So he had four years to accomplish something and now step aside and allow another man to try new ideas and new techniques to move us back to the middle of the road. Yet, without citizens becoming involved, we will always have the leaders doing as they please instead of the people doing as we please!
DavidE August 23, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is still voting for evil. I wouldn't say lazy, more like gullible and ignorant voters. Many vote based on talking points or social issues, not actual fiscal and governing issues. I was looking to vote for Ron Paul again this year. Since Romney and the GOP have done everything they can to reduce him to non-existence (including not allowing him to speak at the convention out of fear), I will be voting for Gary Johnson. He actually worked his way to success, it wasn't handed to him in a will. I don't agree with everything he stands for, but you will never have a candidate be a 100% match, unless you are the candidate. Also, anyone that can climb Mt Everest with a broken leg has the will and desire to what is needed to complete any task.
Duluth2 August 24, 2012 at 02:28 PM
It does not surprise me that there is little comment on this blog post. Honestly, Whatever side of the political spectrum you fall on, we are never going to have serious adult discussions about how to solve the significant issues that face our country if we continue to scream past each other with disrespectful names for our president, and offensive labels intended to belittle people and ideas with which you disagree.
Cynthia Montgomery August 25, 2012 at 04:49 AM
Duluth 2, Have you ever been offended by political cartoons? Have you ever seen the drawings of the president with his HUGE ears? Have you ever seen the cartoon looking at his huge lips and the pointed chin of the president? Do you ever notice how a commentator will draw the president in his view that does not look like the president but, you can get the feeling that the person is trying to get across to the reader of viewer? I don't draw. I write. I take literary freedom with my use of his name so, get over it. As I write weekly for many of the North Georgia Patches, I notice whenever my points can not be defended, out comes the same old gripes from his supporters. Can't respond back to the truth so it is easier to just grip about the writing style. Sorry, but in his very own words, IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!
Lou August 28, 2012 at 01:35 PM
well done!


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