CiCi’s Pizza: Reopened and Better Than Ever

Co-owners John Kling and Martin Drucker got together to reopen and recharge our Peachtree Corners CiCi’s Pizza,

As I walked through the door, I heard the friendly greeting that so many quick serve restaurants give. In this case it was, “Welcome to CiCi’s.” And I was welcomed by co-owner John Kling, to learn more about and to eat some freshly baked pizza. 

Six years ago, while managing our local CiCi’s, Kling met a then Cici’s customer, Martin Drucker. The two of them liked the CiCi’s model and when the Roswell CiCi’s closed four years ago they decided to buy, refurbish and get it back on its feet. That’s exactly what they did recently with our very own CiCi’s (located in the shopping center with).

The “facelift" that our Peachtree Corners CiCi’s received is easy to notice. With new colors, tiles and menu boards things are really spruced up. I particularly like the three catchy menu boards that were titled, “For Here, For There and For Everywhere.” I think that about covers it. Kling says that even more drastic updates were made back in the kitchen where everything was replaced.

What I noticed most at CiCi’s was the quality of the service. With 30 employees on staff there seem to be plenty of people around who were eager and pleased to help me. They are all about preparing a pizza to your exact specifications and almost look hurt if you don’t ask them to do that. As soon as you finish eating your pizza the used plate is quickly whisked away. Oh well, I guess that means it’s time to get a clean plate and have some more pizza.

In case you have never been “welcomed to CiCi’s,” it’s an all-you-can-eat pizza and salad extravaganza. Well, the extravaganza part applies more to the pizza than the salad.

You saunter up to a long bar filled with a large variety of pizzas and help yourself. Or you can ask them to prepare you any made to order pizza that you’d like. There are a bunch of sauces and toppings to choose from to design your very own creation. All of these options come together for the same low price: Adults-$5.49, Children 3-10 $3.49 and 3 and under $.99.  

About Peachtree Corners Kling says, “I’m pleased to serve the community of Peachtree Corners. This is where I started my career with CiCi’s so I’m familiar with the area and I know the customers.” I did notice him chatting with many of the customers while I was there.

CiCi’s loves welcoming community schools. If a football team comes in, the restaurant will section off an area which include one of the five TVs. Often the coaches like to use the TVs for a coaching session. The team watches an opposing team that they are scheduled to play. The coach eats free and always, sports team or not, any high school student with a student I.D. can have a free soft drink. 

Bring your family in to try our refurbished Peachtree Corners CiCi’s Pizza or use their catering service for an event. You can get more information at www.cicispizza.com.

6050 Peachtree Pkwy
Suite 220
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Phone: (770) 300-0535

Sunday- Thursday 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
Friday and Saturday  11 a.m.-11 p.m.


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