Poll: How Do You Like to Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Tell us in our poll and then have your sweetheart take the poll to find out what you'd like to do together.


What do you like to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart?

Is it renting a movie and snuggling in front of the TV screen? Sharing a romantic dinner lovingly prepared at home, dining at a special restaurant, going to a movie at the theater or a romantic evening of cheek-to-cheek dancing?

Take our poll and then ask your sweetie to take it to find out what you both would like to do together.

David Leader February 14, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Trying to make homemade chocolate mousse for the first time tonight (Angie's favorite dessert). Seems really hard; apparently you have to fold chocolate and meringue together, and EVERYTHING is more difficult with meringue. Most people say they failed the first time; here's hoping I have better luck.


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