3 Easy Steps to Feeling Your Best

Feel Your Best in 3 Easy Steps!

By Eve Contributor, Brenda Stockdale


Feeling your best couldn’t be easier! Or take less time. Below I share the 3 Best Practices to Boost Your Health, Your Mood, Your Life.

And the key question to ask if you find yourself obsessing!


Ditch the Shape Wear!


Dr. Andrew Weil and I were interviewed for an article  in Oprah magazine and we were each asked what best “one thing” we could do for our health. We both answered, “Breathe correctly.” Our cultural heritage of whalebone corsets, girdles and now shape wear—not to mention the military posture—has created a nation of chest breathers. This pattern of breathing catapults us into “fight or flight” whether or not we are facing any particular problems or adversity. We can be perfectly content and happy but if we are breathing this way our body is surging with chemicals that hurt rather than heal. On the other hand, our world could be falling down around our ears and if we breathe in a healthy fashion (diaphragmatic breathing) we can protect our physiology.



Our second tip is to practice something called “autogenics” –you can download the audio for free on my website. It’s only 5-minutes but can totally smooth out your day and retrain body and mind to respond differently to stress. The audio also features a technology of sound called psychoacoustics. If you use a headset you will hear a different beat each ear and the brain will create a phantom beat, called a binaural beat and nudge your brain into a more relaxed state, one associated with healing and repair.


Pay Attention to the Words We Use


When we speak our bodies listen. Pay attention to the words you use when you speak to yourself and ask if it is a message you want to receive. “Is this helping me now?” is a question we can train ourselves to ask. If the answer is no then we have the power in that moment to choose a new frame of reference—one that is in our best interest. This simple question can redirect obsessive worry, self-criticism and channel precious energy into creating a new narrative, one rich with meaning that supports your goals and desires. It’s so simple its power is often overlooked. All it takes is practice.


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