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Start Your Own Blog
Start Your Own Blog

No-Fear Social-Mediasphere, by Kimberly Fowler


Social media is all about sharing bits and pieces of your life with your friends, clients, or anyone you have come into contact with through the World Wide Web. Instagram gives you the chance to share photos. Twitter allows you a short space for a thought and Facebook is open for rants or status updates to boot. One outlet we can’t overlook continues to flourish. Blogs. Why? Because a blog grants you the opportunity to share words, pictures, videos, and everything in-between. And on your own blog you can share to your heart’s content.


There are many reasons people decide to start blogging or regularly reading blogs. Perhaps their blog of interest has to do with a particular hobby they enjoy, their area of study, comedic material they connect with, information about current events, or daily funny cat photos. Whatever the reason for the blog subscription or blog creation, people continue to participate in this level of communication because it is not only entertaining but keeps them informed and connected with the world.


Brand blogging has become popular over the last few years. Usually a tab or a link on a company’s website will guide a user to their blog. Through this, people can see the progress of projects the company has been working on, behind the scenes snapshots or even personal excerpts from employees. Disney Parks has developed a type of journal-blog for the employees of the park where audiences can hear from the workers themselves what things are going on in upcoming events and attractions. Although a company or brand website is informative and gives the public a better idea of what their company mission is, a blog connects to audiences on an emotional level and gives a glimpse into their brand personality.


As seen in the statistics on Social Media Today audiences feel more connected with brands, have a more positive outlook toward companies and are more inclined to share their experience and information from the blog with others. Blogging is becoming such an asset to brand personality and consumer relations that soon we will see a necessity for a company blog on the same level as company logos, slogans, and mission statements.


So, what does this have to do with you or your small business? EVERYTHING.


Millennials: Starting a blog gives you a chance to exercise your writing abilities for future employers or just to give you a project you enjoy working on throughout your job search. You could write about anything! Create some tips for up-coming college students or post your experience with your latest crafting disaster. You get to be as creative as you want while sharing your insights, ideas and writings with the world! Also, if you keep it professional and helpful, it is a great addition for any resume.


Newbies: If you own your own business, let your audience into it! Describing your thought process of one of your recent business products or events, or simply sharing the personal business projects you have been working on, is the type of content your consumers and collaborators want to know about. Also, posting extended content from your business could grab more readers who turn into customers. Have a cookbook you have been promoting? Write articles about the food or recipes which are in the book so your audience knows what to expect! (Easy Weekly Meals does this flawlessly as you can see on the Easy Weekly Meals Blog.) 


If you’d like to give blogging a try, here are some free blogging platforms to check out:








Have a Happy Holiday Season, and be sure to blog about it!


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