Health, Financial Difficulties Face Young Family

GoFundMe campaign post says family faces eviction.

Credit: GoFundMe.com
Credit: GoFundMe.com

Each Thursday in December, Patch is highlighting a local GoFundMe fundraising campaign in the area.

Today's focus is on local campaign to raise money for a family of five challenged by health and financial concerns, and are said to be facing eviction in December.

From their fund-raising page:

"Young family living week to week like most people, faces eviction. The father (Brian) is in the hospital following partial foot amputation due to diabetes. He has missed so much work that his boss said if you cannot be at work on Monday, you are fired. They have three boys...ages 8 (Chris), 12 (Ian) and 17 (David). While the father did qualify for temporary disability, it will not start until January or February. They were unable to pay December rent and already face eviction. We are trying to raise just enough money to get their bills paid for December.....and buy a few gifts for the kids for Christmas. Thanks so much for your help."

Check out their GoFundMe page for further information.

Unlike other crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe focuses more on helping people fund community or very personal goals. GoFundMe is a Patch partner.

Do you know a project in the area that deserves funding? Let us know in the comments, in a blog post, or head over to GoFundMe.com to start one.


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