Work Out With a Trainer at the Y

If you're Interested in taking your personal fitness training to the next level, check out the Peachtree Corners YMCA.

Personal training isn't just for triathletes!  

At Fowler YMCA, wellness coaches work with people of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you are new to training or just need an extra boost, the YMCA coaches can help you with weight loss, toning, sport specific training, increase stamina, strength training, injury prevention, and help you reach your fitness goals for a healthier you.

"Our wellness coaches are here to provide motivation, encouragement and guidance to help you reach your health and fitness goals," said Gina Lembo, wellness coordinator.  

When you meet with a wellness coach you will find someone who is interested in your well-being. Your coach will assess your fitness needs and develop an exercise program specifically designed according to your health history, needs, limitations, and goals. 

"Work alone with your trainer, or we also offer small group training sessions for two or three people, so you can involve your friends to reach your goals together," said Lembo. "This is a fun way to take that extra step you need to get fit."

Risa Olinsky May 28, 2012 at 12:06 PM
Just a small note to clarify the difference between a physical trainer and a wellness coach… a trainer is the person who helps you workout at the gym. the wellness coach is a different kind of professional who is specifically certified and trained to help you design and manage your total wellness program both inside and outside of whatever facility you may be exercising at. The wellness coaching programs work on principles of behavior modification, motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry to help the client set realistic goals and be accountable for them. Some coaches, like myself, may happen to be trainers as well - however the two are separate services and professional certifications. Keep up the great work,


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