Selling Your Home? Tips on How To Create a Positive Environment

Prepare your home so it's ready to show to potential buyers.

The easier your home is to show the easier it is to sell.

Making your home, the home the buyer chooses to see, and the agent chooses to show is critical. These are just a few tips that will make it easier for agents showing your property.

1. Have great photos of your home. A reminder, 90 percent of the buyers are choosing their homes to view based on comments but even more so on photos. Check your photos and if you feel another is needed to show off your home's best features, have your agent come back and take new photos of the rooms you feel are not showcased. The agent will appreciate your involvement. We take great pride in the photos we use. Examples may be seen at PeachtreeCorners.com

2. Make sure your online presence is mobile friendly and that photos are compatible with the new smart phones. Yes, we have our own App just search “Nancy Minor” on your smartphone.

3. Make sure your price reflects the way a buyer and an agent search. Of course you want to make sure your home is priced right to compete in this market. You must be very close to the market value of your home when you list. Dropping the price later could cost you time and money.

4. Showing instructions: keep it simple. There are many schools of thought on how it is best to handle agent calls to view your property. The easier you make it for the buyer’s agent to schedule the appointment, the better your chances of it being shown. If you have a security system then either leave it off, or if you are not comfortable doing that, make sure the alarm instructions are available to the buyer’s agent. Be sure your agent has this information before the first showing.

5. Remember the lock box is the best tool you have for getting your home shown. I am a very private person and my home is my retreat. I appreciate how intimidating the lock box can be however this is to me peace of mind for the seller. The minute an agent opens the lock box I get an email. This allows me to know who has walked in your door. This also allows me to follow up with the agent. Leaving a card is no longer a requirement so in order to know who has shown your home, the agent should always use the lock box even if you are home.

6. Help the agent show your home. Have your lights on if at all possible. Have subtle pleasant fragrance in your home. Stay away from heavy floral smells. The agent who opens your door with his or her clients goes into the presentation mode when the lights are on and the home is ready to show. The agent can start pointing out features that they know are important to their buyer. When a buyer’s agent is searching for where to turn on the light in a dark room it may point out a negative and the buyer may even perceive the room as too dark. Dark rooms are not your friends when selling a home.

These are just a few tips to make the buyer comfortable viewing your home and creating a positive selling environment for the buyer’s agent.

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