New Mobile Technology Driving Force Behind Home Real Estate Sales

Posting fliers in front of homes may be a thing of the past as mobile apps, QR codes provide buyers instant information on their smart phones.

Approximately 20,000 Realtors® from 45 countries will be meeting this week through Mionday of next week to exchange ideas and attend classes. We are in Orlando, Florida at Orange County Convention Center.

I arrived on Tuesday evening to join this group and meet with a MasterMind group, where we exchange technology and marketing ideas.

Two days of extensive and challenging classes have filled my brain. A good agent is always learning and these two days have proven there is always much to learn.

Our industry is focusing on bringing information to the public and how to best do that. The talk has been Mobile, Mobile and more Mobile. We are making that information available to the consumer so that anyone can stop in front of a home and get extensive details on their smartphone before entering a home with their Realtor®.

Fliers in front of homes may no longer be necessary as the information will be right at ones fingertips on their smartphones.

Tomorrow we go to the trade show to discover the newest and best trends for 2013. Two years ago all we were hearing was about QR codes, those small squares that can be read by ones smartphone. Now the search is on for the hottest new tool for marketing our listings.

Figuring out how to provide this information for buyers and showcasing our listings is a huge attraction for Realtors® here at the convention and has been an evolving and fast paced process since the internet became an integral part of this process.

At the time of this writing the economic forecast for 2013 has not been delivered by the National Association of Realtors® but agents seem to be more confident that our market is once again on the move.

Unlike just a few years ago, going to a convention such as this meant slowing down or shutting down a Realtor’s® business back home. Thanks to the today’s communication systems there are no long lines at the pay phone waiting to check in with the office.

Communication with buyers and sellers from Georgia to California are no different than sitting in my office at Keller Williams Realty in Peachtree Corners, GA.


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