Rats and Bats and Squirrels in the Attic

Pest that invade your home may hurt the sale of your home and create additional cost related with selling.

I hate rats with a passion. However as I have learned over the last few years they have created their own urban flight. In the past, many considered rats to be an inner city problem but they are now a universal problem and one you need to be aware of if you are buying and or selling.

I do not remember rats even being a word used when I started selling real estate. Rodent problems are now mentioned in about 25 percent of our inspection reports regardless of the price range.

Our neighborhood designs and close proximity of homes makes it easy for these varmints to travel. Our homes are not constructed to prevent entry by critters so many have already had to deal with squirrels who have taken up residence in their home. Now they have company. Roof rats are becoming a community concern. Our larger population and our increased amount of garbage are providing havens for the nasty rat community.

Some people think rats mean dirty, filthy lifestyles. That is not what rats mean today. Rats travel in packs and are looking for shelter, food and water supply. Roof rats come home at night after a busy day searching for water and food. They go to their nest in your attic. During the night they explore and search for water sources. Rats can be heard in the walls and the attic in cleanest of homes.

Selling your home is not easy when you have squatters. You may think they are gone but it is said, “for every one rat you know about there are 10 on the prowl that you do not see or hear.”

If you think or know you have had squirrels, rats or bats in your belfry then call an exterminator or an expert in pest removal. It is not cheap but it will most likely help you sell your home in the future. Be able to document that your visitors have made an exit because they may have left a trail that any good home inspector can spot.

The exterminators or pest removal experts will help eliminate the unwanted guests and will secure your home against future invasions. It is important that you also have someone who can eliminate animal feces. The feces dries up and then is absorbed in the air. Rat experts say diseases carried by rats are spread in rat urine as well.  

Once removed, how can you prevent their return? A barrier can be created around the home. A fine wire mesh is inserted at entry points from the basement to the attic.

What attracts these pest? The experts say that dog food left out and bird seed are two of the most popular targets of these critters.

This is not a pleasant topic but appropriate few weeks before Halloween. Do not give these critters a hiding place or food to eat that may create a selling nightmare in the future. During the fall these pest are looking for a warm place to stay.

Experts please chime in here. My comments are from a Realtor perspective and certainly not as an expert in the field.

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