A Note From Commissioner Lynette Howard

Peachtree Corners is on the eve of an exciting transformation opportunity.

Peachtree Corners is almost a city. It’s like getting ready for your child’s recital. You’ve researched the best teacher, bought the best instrument, driven to lessons, encouraged her to practice and now, the night before—waiting—what will happen? Will all the effort and hard work be realized in that single performance?

We all took the same path when finding our homes in Peachtree Corners. What brought you here? Schools, churches, friends, tennis, , the community, the wide selection of homes and neighborhoods, a job at , closeness to family, or was it something else?

Pat and I chose Peachtree Corners for a number of reasons. Even today, I continue to be amazed at our richly diverse and active community. There is something for everyone and we all do our part to keep it that way. We take care of each other, volunteer at our schools, and stay in touch with each other. We also stay on top of issues in Peachtree Corners better than anywhere else in the county and state. And, we vote. I am so proud to represent such a dynamic and wonderful community!

One of our keys to success in Peachtree Corners has been our single strong voice. We came together in 1993 to form the United Peachtree Corners Civic Association (UPCCA) and it has served us very well. But now we need different representation. We need a voice on County and State Boards and in the Georgia Municipal Association. Our citizens have sound judgment and strong principles that need to be heard. Volunteer groups, like UPCCA, are rarely selected for these posts, because they haven’t been elected.

I have been asked by my peers on the County Commission: why would you be willing to give up zoning control in an area that you have worked so hard for over 17 years? The answer is easy. I represent the values and standards of the community. With a city, the standards will not change. I am confident that zoning will continue to be what we do best in Peachtree Corners. The incorporation of Peachtree Corners has the full support of the County.

We have practiced long enough, now it is time to perform. We are showing the world that we are ready to become a city. Living in the Peachtree Corners community has been wonderful--living in the City of Peachtree Corners will be AMAZING!!

Vote "Yes" with me on November 8th!


Editor's note: The opinions expressed in this letter are not necessarily those of Peachtree Corners Patch.


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