Are Your Children Getting Enough to Eat at School?

Some parents say the school's recent move to cap calories for students is going too far.

A recent question regarding whether or not to ban chocolate milk in nearby Decatur schools fired up local readers about the low calorie requirements at schools.

"This just drives me nuts. I had lunch with my sons the other day & added up the calories of their school lunch - it was just over 200 calories. These kids are starving at school," one Patch reader commented. She went on to say, "Last year, I packed lunch - until my son (who's in the 5th percentile in weight - meaning in the very low end for his height) had his gogurt taken away because it wasn't healthy enough - its yogurt for gosh sakes! And, this kid is skinny as can be! And - I PACKED IT for MY KID. Yeah, there might be overweight kids, but what about the ones who really need to gain weight, have active lives & fast metabolisms?"

Another commenter said a check of WebMD revealed the recommended daily caloric count for an active male age 4 to 8 is 1,600 per day.

"That 220 calorie lunch is already not enough for our kids. Don't take more away," she commented. "Sorry, I think I'm sensitive on this topic... I have to watch my 48lb 7-year-old get crushed by 90 lb boys at football all of the time!" 

Well, it appears Patch readers in Georgia are not alone in these views. A video, making the rounds on YouTube, was made recently by students and teachers in Kansas. In the video, the students sing "We are Hungry," to the tune of "We are Young."

Do you think recent move to reduce calories in student lunches is taking it too far? Is the health of students being compromised as a result?

Bert Robinson October 05, 2012 at 11:55 AM
Yes, I think this has gone to far. As a grandmother of a 5 and 6 year who visits school frequently, I see what is put out for the children to eat. They barely eat what they are made to put on their plate or what they are made to put on their plate for lunch. This is just a waste of effort and money. Most of the food is left on the plates of these young kids , and they are left to go the rest of the day being hungry. My grandkids bring their lunch and we are confident that they will have and eat enough food to sustain them thru the day. Let's start making parents responsible for feeding their kids
Judy Putnam October 05, 2012 at 12:16 PM
Bert: I always packed my kids lunches when they were in school, even when they got to high school. They were the envy of the other students when they sat down to eat their homemade meals. Maybe there is something to be said about "making parents responsible for feeding their kids," as you pointed out.
ptcornersgal October 08, 2012 at 01:58 AM
Bravo Judy. We pack our sophomore's lunch every day; her friends flock to see what she has and to get first dibs on any leftovers. They seem to prefer her fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain freshly made sandwiches, and low cal desserts. It's (still) less expensive and I know she is getting a well balanced meal that she will eat. And speaking of parents involvement, it works in the classroom too. Teachers appreciate parental support. Stay involved, stay connected - its amazing how rewarding it is on so many levels!


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