Carol’s Corner: A Little Bathroom Humor

The strangest things can happen at the nicest parties.

During a recent party, while visiting the powder room, I decided to look for some air freshener for a little perfuming spritz before I left. Sometimes you don’t find what you’re looking for but I was in luck. Right there under the sink was a can labeled Oreck Air Fresh or Air Delight, something like that. I didn’t know that Oreck made air freshener but I was glad to find what I needed. A little advanced reading skills could have come in handy right about here. 

With a confident swoosh I squirted the pleasant smelling formula through the air. It didn’t have quite the gusto of most air fresheners but it would do in a pinch. After putting the Oreck spray away I looked up to see a large swath of white foam on the wall opposite where I was standing. Extending across about a four foot length, it managed to cover a good section of wallpaper as well as the door molding. That was one powerful can. 

Recovering from my awestruck stare, I grabbed large wads of tissue and set to work cleaning off the wallpaper, wood work and anything else that looked the least bit foamy. I felt like I was starring in a movie called “The Three Stooges Visit the Facilities.” The clean-up went well thank goodness. With high hope that the mystery foam would not discolor the wallpaper, I washed my hands, straightened my jacket and returned to join the other party goers. 

The party was fun but most of my entertainment took place somewhere else.


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