Confessions of a Groupon Addict

You had me at half-off!

Hello, my name is Charlene, and I am a Groupons addict. Well, that’s not exactly true. They don’t have to be Groupons. I suppose you could say brand loyalty isn’t my strong suit. I am also a (very) frequent purchaser of deals on local sites Conejo Deals, Go City Deals, and Bogopod.

When I wake up every morning and turn on my computer (That’s not the first thing you do every morning when you wake up?), I have at least ten deal emails tempting me. Let's see, $20 for $40 at the –I’m in; $19 for a massage–you betcha; $24 for two wine tastings and two full glasses of wine at –click; $27 for two days of peace and quiet–I mean summer sports camp–cha ching!

“Let’s go to Shave It,” I told my daughter last week as I was scrambling for something to keep her entertained for five minutes.

“Why? Do you have a Groupon that’s about to expire?” asked my suspicious daughter who knows me well enough to know that not only would I never drive out to Thousand Oaks just to go to Shave It, but I tend to procrastinate (just ask my editor) and always seem to be using my deal certificates at the very last minute.

“Well, I do have a certificate, but it’s not about to expire. I just thought it would be something to do. Then we can go across the street to Old Navy. I have a $20 Groupon I bought for ten bucks that I have to use soon,” I said.

“Mom, I think you have a serious problem. Everything we do is Groupon Groupon Groupon.”

“Everything is not Groupon Groupon Groupon. I got the Shave It from Bogopod. Besides, you should be happy. I probably wouldn’t even take you to Shave It if I didn’t have a certificate. And you are going to that cool art camp I got you from .”

I can tell she’s weighing her options. She wants to be right in letting me know that I use deal sites too much, but she also enjoys the benefit of them just as much as I do. She smartly makes a face, says nothing, and puts on her shoes.

Of course she’s right. I do have a slight–or okay, rather large–problem with my addiction to deal site shopping.

Yes, I did once get an amazing 50 minute facial and 50 minute massage for only $39. I did get $40 worth of body butter and make-up for half price at The Body Shop. I even took my husband for a night the for $79 and treated him to a half price dinner at Padri’s for his birthday last December. But the bikini wax I got for $19–ouch!

And while I’ve literally saved hundreds of dollars with all of the deal certificates that I’ve bought, I suppose one could argue that I would have saved twice that if I’d bought none of them.

I’m considering stopping. You know, soon. But today Conejo Deals has a 63% savings on cleaning supplies. I’m sure I must need some Ajax or a new mop or something…

Laura July 02, 2011 at 02:59 PM
todays groupon is silly ---- $5 for ONE movie ticket to see A Better Life ..... dont they know it takes TWO to make a better life!!!! :)
Charlene Ross July 04, 2011 at 08:57 PM
That IS silly Laura! I missed that one! But I'm sure there'll be something "I just can't live without" this week!
Srini Vas July 07, 2011 at 08:42 AM
well that exactly true, check out more detailed info: http://grouponclone.contussupport.com


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