Do You Believe in UFOs?

About one third of the population is said to believe in UFOs. A lecture at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas on Sept. 22 promises to reveal some kind of "UFO-related secrets."

It is reported that about one third of the population believes in Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs. It isn't hard to believe when you take into account the number of sightings recorded on UFO stalker, a website that tracks UFO sightings throughout the country.

A recent sighting was reported in Winder last Saturday. , a witness reported seeing a “strange flash in the sky” while driving from Barrow County to Gwinnett. UFOs have been reported all over the local area this year, from Athens, Buford, Grayson and Dacula to Cumming.

The site receives reports from all over the world, but these sightings are often dismissed as not really credible. UFO believers, however, are hoping an upcoming special will bring a greater sense of credibility to the issue.

The Huffington Post recently reported on a special lecture at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas to take place on Sept. 22. According to the online publication, four of the participants are former military officials. The special promises to include some UFO-related secrets that will soon be revealed at the museum.

So are you one of the about 30 percent of the population who believes in UFOs? And do you believe you have actually seen a UFO?


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