EmpowerED Georgia Supports Local and State Charter Schools, Co-Founder Says

But it opposes the amendment creating a state Charter Schools Commission.

EmpowerED Georgia is reassured to have the attention of the Georgia Charter School Association. We can only view a lack of a detailed rebuttal from Mr. Lewis as a verification of the concerns we highlighted in our piece. 

Mr. Lewis is incorrect in his assertion that EmpowerED Georgia does not support charter schools. We support the authorization of both local and state charter schools. 

EmpowerED Georgia’s Charter Schools Blueprint addresses the concerns we expressed in our piece and .  We support the establishment of an effective system of charter schools that serve all students in the state and will be focusing our efforts in promoting the reforms in our Blueprint up until, and beyond the vote on November 6th.

Matt Jones is a public school teacher in Toombs County and the co-founder of .

Editor's note: Mr. Jones article above is in response to an opinion piece submitted earlier by Andrew Lewis, the Executive Vice President for the Georgia Charter School Association. Click on the link below to read Mr. Lewis's opinion.


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