Have You Ever Been Hacked?

Those in the security industry say that being hacked "is a matter of when, not if?"

Let's face it many of us have had at least one account hacked at one time or another perhaps on Twitter, Facebook, email, a website, or even worse, a financial account.

Many of us have software to protect our precious information, but somehow the hackers keep getting in, what to do?

There are plenty of suggestions and advice on the Internet, but who to turn to?

In a published article last fall, PCMag.com suggests its top three security suite choices for the New Year: Norton Internet Security (2013), Norton 360 Version 6.0 and Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete.

This brings us to this week's question,

"Have You Ever Been Hacked?"

Tell us what your experience was like and how you protect your information from being exposed in the comments below.


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