How Much Are Super Bowl XLVII Tickets?

Getting ready for the big game? You'll want to read this.

Did you know that the San Francisco 49ers are playing the Baltimore Ravens this Super Bowl Sunday?! Are you ready for the big day - or more importantly, is your wallet ready? Don't worry, Patch has you covered.

According to Nerdwallet, consumers this year will be shelling out more money than last year - at least in game tickets, party staples and team jerseys. If you don't have your tickets yet, it's probably just as well. The average market price is $3,152 - up from $2,900 in 2012. This might not be the year to travel to the game anyway.

So do you have the Super Bowl party planned? Have you got your wings yet? If not, don't stress. The reported shortage of wings is not as bad as has been reported, but you will have to pay a little more.

This year, the average price for a pound of wings is $2.52, up from $1.97 last year. It does make the great wing heist a little easier to understand.

The good news when it comes to the cost of Super Bowl 2013, however, is in the electronics, according to Nerdwallet.

If you’re one of the millions of fans that wants to score a new TV to see the big game on, you’ll get more bang for your buck this year than in any other Super Bowl season.

Prices for a 32-inch TV dropped to all time lows in 2012 and have continued to drop this year. January this year is a good time for HDTV buying. It is typically a lean month for sales and merchants reportedly are willing to offer deep discounts. Couple that with concern in the industry that the TV market might be oversaturated due to mobile screens replacing the second and third television households used to own, now could be the right time to invest. Nerdwallet recommends you check out online coupon codes if you’re buying online, and if you visit an offline store, try to negotiate on price.

Consumer confidence in America has taken a beating recently. Reuters/University of Michigan index of consumer sentiment, a measure of consumer attitudes about their personal finances and the state of the economy, dropped on Jan. 18 to a one-year low, but that's unlikedly to matter when it comes to the Super Bowl, right?

Enjoy the game!


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