Movie Review: 'The Last Stand' Keeps Schwarzenegger on His Feet

Arnold is on the screen, so you know what to expect -- bullets and action.

Arnold is back from being a two-term governor to playing a small-town sheriff.

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a semi-retired sheriff in an sleepy southwest border town. He and his motley crew must now stop a notorious drug kingpin from escaping into Mexico in "The Last Stand."

The bullets fly. There is plenty of action. But the star looks a bit rusty.

You quickly come to the realization that this film is undeniably ludicrous. 

Look, Arnold has never been a good actor, but it's a bit worse since he got back from being the "Governator." So what does he do to make up for his lack of talent? Cue an explosive montage!

This movie is simply a testosterone-infused piece of cinema. It's cynical and satirical, coming at you in the form of a semi-automatic multi-clip gun that will make the most rabid NRA member drool.

It's not great, but it's not really that terrible either. I mean, it's Arnold; if you have ever seen any of his movies you know what you are getting.

The Flick-O-Meter gives "The Last Stand" a three out of five. It's pretty forgettable, and it's probably not the comeback project Arnold was looking for. But at least it does what it says in the title.

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