No Snow, Again — Will We See Any This Year?

This weekend was the third time in 2013 that there have been calls for a "possibility," of snow, but except for a very little in some areas north of Atlanta earlier this year, none has materialized.

Snow has been scarce in the local area this year, to say the least. Definitely not enough to get any of those beautiful snow scenery photographs we all rush out to get.

For the third time this year, there were some "slight" predictions for a chance this morning, but that didn't pan out either. Is 2013 doomed to be yet another snow-free year? If the Old Farmer's Almanac is anything to go by, it is starting to look like that will be the case.

According to the long range forecast in the Old Farmer's Almanac for February, Feb. 1 - 7 was the best chance of snow and we now know that didn't happen. There is another possibility Feb 21 - 28, but after that, nothing.

Would you like to see it snow this winter or will you be happy if we don't get any this year?


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