'Bush Road Developer is Terrorizing Homeowners' Says Nearby Resident

Neighbor Cher Ranger is says she's tired of the constant noise and wants relief.

Editor's note: The opinions expressed here are strictly those of the writer and do not necessary reflect those of Peachtree Corners Patch. If you have an opposing view to the one expressed here, send your opinion to the Patch editor.

By Cher Ranger, Peachtree Corners

The Bush Road Development is beyond just an eyesore and a criminal destruction of the environment. 

The developer is terrorizing homeowners that are already in place on a daily basis with shaking their homes.  This has been going on for a month. I don't know about water-boarding but this is torture beyond belief. 

Many of us have now lost whatever housing values were left. Houses are cracking. Trees are gone. Soil is gone. More concrete in place to come. 

The shaking on a daily basis is outrageous and we are not getting help from Gwinnett County. How about from Peachtree Corners? Anymore destruction on the agenda?  Help for the residents in place who have absolutely no quality of living in their own homes?  Is anyone listening?


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