The Heart of Peachtree Corners

Recognizing who and what make Peachtree Corners a great place to live, work and play, enhancing property values along the way.

The new city of Peachtree Corners is a highly desirable place to live. Many things make a great community such as great public schools, great private schools, sidewalks, parks, the and great shopping but all this will mean nothing if you have a city without heart.

The people of this community are the heart. The hard working caring folks who go about silently helping their neighbors.The people who volunteer, the teachers, the little league coaches and all the others who take the time to care about their neighbors and their community. The people who want our community to shine and are not talkers but are doers.

I wish I knew everyone and could mention all who contribute to our community. I welcome comments with additions of other great neighbors who make up the heart and cause our city to be not just the largest city but the city with the largest heart.

I will attempt to name a few of those who give this community heart.

First I have to thank the Mike and Debbie Mason who have long before we were a city spent countless hours to make our area the best it could be. With the support of the they helped to beautify our community as well as grow us into a city.

Gay Shook along with Debbie Mason have long worked on the medians which create a welcome to our city. Not only do they sit on committees that support this effort, they can be seen with their sleeves rolled up on Peachtree Parkway and other main streets picking up trash on Saturday mornings.

Susan Graveline and her organization  has raised thousands of dollars for Cancer prevention and research. The word MADAC  stands for Mothers and Daughters against Cancer. Susan’s battle with cancer caused her to create this organization and it remains strong.

Dr. Pat Sallarulo spends hours serving on boards, helping to raise money for various charities. He is an accomplished singer whose music pays tribute to Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack era. He is a chiropractor by day and and a singer by night. He has an incredible voice as evidenced by his recent invitation to open for Jay Leno in Las Vegas.

Thanks to the students and parents, is the number one school in the country for raising funds for Relay for Life.

Mary Kay Murphy is always at local events and always to be counted on to represent our interest with the Gwinnett Board of Education.

Good neighbors such as Karen Walkup who is one of the quiet ones doing things to help neighbors and strangers such as the house guest she took in who had lost everything in Katrina. Not only did she take this woman in, she helped her find work.

The Scouts, Scout Masters and the Eagle Scouts bring pride to Peachtree Corners.

Amy Massey gives hours to the local and Norcross High School.

The Lupuloffs have long been supporters of the community. They open their home for fundraisers and volunteer wherever there is a need.

Dedicated teachers from volunteer and tutor students at the The Fowler YMCA. This has had a huge impact on many peoples lives and The Y has an after school program for middle schoolers that is fantastic.

The Partner with Youth Program at the Y helps provide scholarships to families going through challenges. The staff, volunteers and board members spend hours raising funds to contribute to this.

The good deeds of the congregations of local churches and houses of worship could fill a book..

The sidewalks are a result of caring citizens from years ago and the landmark sign for Peachtree Corners is also the result of homeowners who cared and made it happen.

It goes on and on and there are so many more who have given so that this city will continue to be the best it can be.

As a Realtor and long time resident of this community, I know that the spirit of a city will be reflected in the home values of a community.

People want the feeling of days gone by where neighbors care about neighbors and Peachtree Corners is that kind of place. Thank you to all who makeup the heart of Peachtree Corners.

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Harry Dorfman September 16, 2012 at 11:09 PM
And dont forget our business neighbors. Out of all businesses located in Norcross/PTC only one was recognized by Creative Loafing as a "Best of" Thats right, our Love Shack made the list! Lots of shakin' going on in our new city.


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