Vote 'Yes' With Me on Nov. 8

A vote of “Yes” will bring control of quality of life to Peachtree Corners.

Editor's note: Following is an endorsement which was provided by the Peachtree CornersYes campaign. The opinions expressed in this letter are not necessarily those of Peachtree Corners Patch.

On November 8, 2011, there is an important vote on Cityhood for Peachtree Corners. Three leaders of our community have influenced my decision to vote “Yes.”

First is Paul Duke who developed Peachtree Corners that later became Peachtree Corners. Inc.—a community decades ahead of its time with a master plan to balance live-work-play areas in Pinckneyville, a former rural farming community in Gwinnett County north of Atlanta.

Forty-three years later, the impact of growth, change, economic challenges, congestion, zoning, and other components of high density demographics have challenged Duke’s vision of a balanced community. A vote for Cityhood for Peachtree Corners will address this.

Second is Ruth Strickland who was Assistant to Paul Duke for 20 years beginning in 1967. In 1990, she became President of Peachtree Corners, Inc., the parent company Paul Duke founded.

In June 2011 on the subject of how Duke would have voted on Peachtree Corners as a City, she stated, “He most definitely would want the Cityhood for this very reason: to be able to control the quality of life issues. As a matter of fact, he would have incorporated in the early ‘70s had the rules been different. At that time, I don’t believe a community could be incorporated if it was within a three-mile radius of another city (in this case, Norcross).”

Third is Tom Rice. For 15 years, he has represented Peachtree Corners, Berkeley Lake, and parts of Norcross as District 51 Representative to the Georgia General Assembly. Tom Rice sponsored HB 396 so that voters could determine for themselves if Peachtree Corners should become a City.

Along with Senator Fran Millar, Senator David Shafer and former Senator Dan Weber, he secured approval of the Gwinnett Delegation and the signature of Governor Nathan Deal to bring the vote forward on November 8. “Your vote is important and should be based on the facts,” Representative Rice said in announcing that he will vote for the initiative.

To learn more about Cityhood for Peachtree Corners, go to his website, www.tomrice.org. Also go to www.cviog.uga.edu/in-the-news/796 to review expenses, revenues, and services of the proposed City in a study completed by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

A vote of “Yes” on November 8 will bring control of quality of life to Peachtree Corners. It will help Paul Duke’s legacy of a planned live-work-play balanced community have new life and serve as a model for other architects, planners, and community leaders for decades to come.

- Dr. Mary K. Murphy

David B. Manley November 08, 2011 at 08:53 AM
This important decision should be based on cogent arguments, not No for No's sake; on evaluating concepts on reason rather than age; on considering the message, not solely reacting to the messenger. If you believe in having our neighborhoods recognized as part of a coherent community that has the clout to protect and improve our quality of life, or you believe in local control of zoning tailored to the particular aspects of our community, or you believe as Realtors do that the existence of the City will help improve our property values, or you believe that the scope of government and taxes should be controlled by citizens rather than officials, or you believe in lower trash pickup costs, or you believe in smaller and accessible government where there is one representative per 6,300 residents rather than one for 200,000, then you should act positively, not merely as a contrarian, and vote Yes for Peachtree Corners.
Duluth Mom November 08, 2011 at 11:11 AM
David Not all realtors agree that just by forming a city that your property values will go up. I know several that will disagree with you. How is Liberty Heights part of our coherent cummunity? You don't even have it or many other neighborhoods listed on you own website as part of PC. You have no idea if you can lower our trash, so stop telling us how great it will be. We may have the exact same trash hauler that we currently use. There are very few parcels of land that will need rezoning. Most of the work was done by volunteers long before UPCCA existed. So we don't need a city for zoning. UPCCA has shown that they think the laws of Gwinnett County do not matter to them yet you want to tell me what I can and cannot do on my own property. The way your side has conducted the election is shameful. From the drawing of the map to on. Half the area thinks they can be annexed in Norcross which is not true. I read your charter, there are so many different ways that you can slip in an assessment here and raise there, accept a gift here and a donation there without a vote. Small, closer government is not always the best especially if you can not trust in the people running it. UPCCA has proven to me that they cannot be trusted to protect all of us not just the chosen few. For anyone who thinks people do not want to step up and volunteer look what the NO CITY side has been able to accomplish within a few short weeks with very little money.
David B. Manley November 08, 2011 at 01:16 PM
I personally have not heard from any Realtors who have most of their listings in Peachtree Corners that are against the City, and you have not named any, much less any who list mostly in Peachtree Corners. We have heard from Realtors who do list in our community including Nancy Minor who wrote a piece in favor of the City for Patch. While there may be some who do not agree with Nancy, many choose to rely on Nancy and other Realtors who are extremely familiar with our area and have years of experience. I don't know what you have against Liberty Heights. The map of the City limits has always been on http://peachtreecornersyes.com/  at the FAQ tab (http://peachtreecornersyes.com/faq.php). I don't know what having the same trash hauler has to do with price, but the savings of approximately $100 is based on actual research.  There are at least two major parcels at this time that are subject to development or redevelopment, and others may come up in the future as developers wish to rezone parcels such as Sturbridge Square. If you like having overbuilding of apartments, a garish adult bookstore, overbuilding of strip centers, billboards, and extended stay motels then, yes, zoning by the County has been just fine. Since the City counsel will come from residents, you will have more input on land use than you do now. Fear of some draconian ordinance that interferes with the use of your property is just that, fear, without any factual basis. (continued)
David B. Manley November 08, 2011 at 01:19 PM
(continuing from above) The counsel members will not do anything against their neighbors if only because they will be in such easy reach.  I don't know what your problem is with the UPCCA, but the City stands on its own. The Charter was based on a model city charter and research done by the Institute of Government at the University of Georgia. The law making it in a form for the City vote was sponsored and moved to enactment by our elected representatives in the State legislature. I suppose their acts were "shameful", too. I have never been a member of the UPCCA but I'm in favor of the City. Anyone can be a member of the UPCCA, and I don't know what your problem is with an organization made up of homeowners who have done much for our neighborhoods.  Annexation is a fact of life if you read the laws governing same. If you could point out where the Charter allows "an assessment here and raise there" beyond the limits imposed by the Charter, we would like to know. The City Charter is the only one in the State that does not allow the counsel to raise taxes, but requires a vote of the citizens. Let us know, also, what is wrong with gifts and donations to the City. (continued)
David B. Manley November 08, 2011 at 01:20 PM
(continued from above) The City Yes campaign is funded and supported by citizens. The greater support for the Yes proponents by regular citizens, by all our local elected officials, and by our local businesses just shows me they likely have the better position. And the facts bear them out. Of course, this may just be a big conspiracy by the UPCCA that was formed just so they can control your property.  There will always be contrarians, those who tear down rather than build. Despite your unsupported arguments, I'll stick with the builders, and vote Yes.


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