Do You Think Atlanta Falcons Will Make it to Super Bowl?

The team is on track to play in the season-ending game for a second time in franchise history — how do you see its chances?

Sunday's 30-28 win against the Seattle Seahawks puts the Atlanta Falcons one win away from a shot at the Super Bowl for only the second time in franchise history. Boston.com has a blow-by-blow recap of the game that had Atlanta Falcons tight-end Tony Gonzalez in tears

Next stop, a shot at the NFC Championship game in Atlanta against San Francisco on Jan. 20. Last time the two teams met, in game four in 2010, it was the Falcons who came out on top.

According to Suwanee Patch, the Falcons won the NFL South division in 2012 and have home-field advantage throughout the NFL playoffs. A win Sunday would put the Falcons in the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans on Feb. 3. The last and only time the Falcons made an appearance in the Super Bowl, in 1998, they lost to the Denver Broncos.

So how do you see the Falcons chances against the San Francisco 49ers on Jan. 20 in the NFC Championship game? And what about the team's Super Bowl chances — could this be the year the team goes all the way?

Via Yahoo, a link to the NFL playoff schedule.

Flyguy January 15, 2013 at 10:05 PM
They won't beat us. 49 all the way,who has it better then us nobody.
Arx Ferrum January 15, 2013 at 10:24 PM
First, that is an old Falcons helmet logo. While we (the fans) enjoy seeing it on games with throw-back unis, it is an incorrect reference for the team of 2013. Second, the Falcons have what is arguably the best receiving trio in pro football; Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tong Gonzales. Combined with Matt Ryan at QB and a decent running game with Michael Turner, Jason Snelling and Jaquizz Rogers... and a pretty stout O-line, they are good at scoring points. On the D side, there are a lot of questions. DE John Abraham is gimped right now and we haven't seen them do very well against mobile QBs. So... it could be a high scoring affair. Who wins? We do. RISE UP!
Falcons addict January 16, 2013 at 04:57 AM
Amen arx. The only thing a san fan has is kap the qb. And he hasn provided much more than he is a modern day "2004 version of micheal vick". Yeah he was great, but when his legs got us all the way to Philadelphia for the NFC championship, they stopped chugging as soon as the crossed into the red zone, and just like kap, that arm isn't taking you to a superbowl against a ball-hawk D. He can have 1000 rushing yards on the day if he like but if the points arnt there we don't care. I'm taking the rising falcons in the very first home NFC championship game in history 31-17 ATL RISE UP


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