Are There Sex Offenders on Your Trick-or-Treat Route?

We checked and found more than 500 registered sex offenders in the Gwinnett Sheriff's Dept. database. Is there one in your neighborhood?

Halloween is Wednesday, and children will be knocking on doors throughout the neighborhood asking for candy. But, could one of those bells be to the home of a sex offender?

Checking with the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office's website, we found 49 registered sex offenders with a Norcross and Peachtree Corners addresses.

The number of registered sex offenders in several adjacent cities are:

  • Duluth: 28
  • Lilburn: 36
  • Tucker, within Gwinnett County: 25

There is also a list of 21 noncompliant sex offenders -- those not checking in with the law enforcement -- whose locations are unknown.

Click here to see the GCSO's list of sex offenders, and find out if there's one living on your block.

This article was first published by Norcross Patch.

Rudy101 October 29, 2012 at 01:29 AM
The sex offender registry was supposed to be only an informational tool, not a tool to isolate and banish a person. That is why the courts allowed people to be put on the regsitry ex-post fact. But that isn't the case at all, is it? To be on a registry, especially during halloween, a person will be harassed, threatened and the community will come together and isolate that person. It isn't a legal requirement to be dangerous to be on a sex offender registry. But if government along with the community and community organizations are using that registry in order to isolate a person, without hearing, without challenge and without appeal, that registry, as a matter of law, doesn't and won't be followed. You don't really believe you can put anyone you want on a registry, for however long you want and change the parameters at your whim? Sorry. You all know that the sex offender registry IS a punishment. So, it is obvious why some people don't and won't have to register regardless of what your illegal laws say. You all have a good day.
ltm October 29, 2012 at 06:44 AM
As far as I am aware, there are no children who have been abducted or lured on Halloween by anyone in the history of Halloween and trick or treating by children with or without adult supervision. This being evidenced not only by me but by lawyers headed to the Supreme Court in order to block legislation governing the unconstitutional laws proposed by one or more communities to prevent PO's and their families from enjoying their personal freedom and the right to celebrate Halloween.
ltm October 29, 2012 at 06:47 AM
Hey everyone! Halloween is for the life of every registered sex offender - for life - for life - for life!!!!!! That means you pay for this monitoring through taxes forever. Think of how illegal this is. A man or woman does time in prison - let's say 10 years. Then they do a 5 year parole. Now you would think they are done, right? No way Jose, They remain on the sex offender registration for 10-25-life. This means for their lifetime they are checked every Halloween. Consider the cost, the illegal use of governing a person's freedom after they served their punishment by restricting them on Halloween from even leaving their home (like house arrest).. How wrong is wrong? This is so unconstitutionally illegal and outrageous. The courts, legislators, attorney generals, prosecutors, public defenders, private defense attorneys, mayors, congressmen, state representatives, city council, city police, county sheriff, federal marshals, prisons, county and city jails and many other law enforcement agencies, Television, editors, journalists, radio news broadcasts are all on the sex offender bandwagon. This is so disproportionate in its nature; it is insanity at its best. How deep does this stupidity run? How far will our government go to circumvent freedom? Who will these fools go after next? What retarded reasoning will they use to take YOUR freedom from you? You folks should be outraged and ultimately pissed off.


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