Norcross HS Student Hit by Car on Medlock Bridge Road Thursday

Student OK, but school principal reminds everyone of the importance of safety.

Thursday morning a Norcross High School student was crossing Medlock Bridge Road outside of the designated crosswalk area and was struck by a car.

Fortunately the student suffered only minor injuries and was able to attend class after being checked by medical personnel according to an email message from the school's principal, Jonathan Patterson.

Patterson used the incident to reiterate the need for students to always be mindful of the traffic on both Medlock Bridge Road and Spalding Drive.

"These are very busy times of the day around our school. Traffic is heavy and, in the morning, it is very dark," wrote Patterson in his message.

"It is important for our students to stay in the crosswalks and to avoid darting in and out of traffic. "Both student and adult drivers need to go slowly and be on the lookout for pedestrians."

Patterson said student safety must be a priority not just during school hours but traveling to and from school as well.


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