Robbery Determined as Preliminary Motive in Shooting

Norcross PD said the home, where Nicholas Jackson was fatally shot, was the intended location.


The Norcross Police Department issued a statement Wednesday afternoon saying that robbery was the likely motive for the , and that his home was the intended location for the robbery. 

At a Progressive Development Committee meeting Wednesday morning, Police Chief Warren Summers made it clear that , and not a random act of violence. 

"This was not something that you have to worry about at your home," he said. "This is not a random event, if you will, where they just decide to pick out a house because it looks like a nice house to go in and do a home invasion."

According to the press release, weapons, ski masks, bandanas and an undisclosed amount of cash were also found in the suspects' van.

On Feb. 2 around 6:30 p.m., Jackson, 15, a Norcross High School student, was fatally shot while in his home on Autry Street. According to the police chief, Jackson's sister was able to give a description of the vehicle the suspects were driving, and Norcross PD were able to arrest six individuals that evening.

The following individuals have been arrested for murder and burglary, according to jail records: Anthony Bernard Lumpkin, 32, Douglasville; Rico Dehaven West, 19, Atlanta; Eddie Lewis Green, 46, Atlanta; Jason Dozier, 36, Lithonia; Michael Davis, 23, College Park; and Timothy Lamar Johnson, 34, Atlanta. They are being held at the Gwinnett County Detention Center.

Liz Bigler February 09, 2012 at 05:02 PM
I find this report disturbing. If it was not random, what was the special motive for targeting THAT house? The tone of this report discounts the tragedy of it, almost implying that the Jackson family was somehow to blame for being targeted.
David B. Manley February 10, 2012 at 12:59 AM
Since the murder of Nicholas Jackson occurred during a targeted robbery, and the reason why the intruders chose the Jackson's residence was not disclosed, we neither have the information necessary to avoid similar targeting of others, nor any support for the statement by Chief Summers that "[T]his was not something that you have to worry about at your home." I'm sure the Jackson family is taking great comfort in that statement.  In the rush to give the false idea that Norcross is a safe residential area, it seems the murder of Nicholas Jackson has been marginalized by deeming it an anomaly. Considering the incidence of crime in the Norcross area, I'm not sure the Chief's other reported statement, "I want you all to know that you're as safe today as you were last week before this happened[.]" is all that comforting. 
Debbie Byers February 11, 2012 at 02:44 PM
Norcross a place to imagine? Imagine that the truth is being covered up, that the politicians have taken on more than can be handled. I have lived here all my life and proud to be in Norcross however very upset with our politicians as of lately. Last year in a meeting a comment was made that the people of Norcross don't know what is good for Norcross we do! "For the people by the people, not in Norcross. A place to imagine, I imagine what is going to happen next. People of Norcross get involved!
David B. Manley February 11, 2012 at 09:37 PM
The statement by Chief Summers that "[T]his was not something that you have to worry about at your home[.]" appears more inaccurate as time goes on. As reported in the AJC, investigators do not know why the Jackson home was subject to invasion, and prosecutors say the six suspects are easily profiled as a robbery crew. Thus, at this point, apparently "your home" could have been subject to this crime, and a reality check is in order for those who believe the Chief's feel-good statements.
Parallel Ogram February 24, 2012 at 03:05 AM
I'm all for questioning authority, but you need to calm down - You don't know any more about this case than the average schmuck on the street. I seriously doubt that the police would release a statement saying this was a "targeted event" if there wasn't evidence to back it up - that would be a really poor political decision. The truth is, you have no idea why this tragedy occurred. I find it incredibly odd that the six suspects - of various ages, and from various parts of the city - would kick in the door, know exactly where this kid's bedroom was, kill him without thinking twice but let his sister live... For what - his TV? Home appliances? That's just not how crime works. People have motives, and yet there is no clear motive for this highly organized, armed attack. I know just as much as you do about the case, so I'll try not to speculate as to whether this kid was involved with unsavory characters like the ones who killed him - but there's a lot of things that simply don't add up here. If he had a sizable amount of cash on hand, and somehow the shooters knew about it, that'd provide a pretty clear motive. In any case, sensationally questioning the competence and honesty of the Norcross PD is childish, unhelpful, and counterproductive. If you want to be helpful, start a neighborhood watch or something.
David B. Manley February 24, 2012 at 07:02 AM
Perhaps you should calm down and smell the coffee. Norcross has had more than its share of murders and other crimes. I understand that you are trying to defend Norcross, but you should admit that one of the reasons Peachtree Corners was formed was to separate those residents from the reputation of Norcross and the adverse effect it had on the ability to sell Corners' houses that were believed to be in Norcross. One of the reasons that Norcross has its reputation is because of people like you who want to marginalize crime, believe everything is fine, and try and blame crime on the victims. I'm sure the Jacksons appreciate how you are dealing with this atrocity. Perhaps if a similar event happens to you, you will develop some empathy. You say I don't know more than "the average schmuck on the street" then you proceed to spew your version of "facts" that the "average schmuck" knows not to be true, and then blithely continue down the path of speculation.
David B. Manley February 24, 2012 at 07:04 AM
First, please read my first paragraph, above, and tell me where my facts and position are off base. Second, so far we know a) the perpetrators knew each other or were related, b) they entered through the basement door where Nicholas stayed, c) they shot Nicholas in trying to leave the Jackson home through the basement when Nicholas appeared, d) his sister was upstairs, e) the district attorneys say the perpetrators are easily profiled as a robbery crew, f) the authorities don't know why the Jackson home was "targeted" (versus being a random event), but g) basically went on to tell Norcross citizens that they don't have to worry about this happening in their home - without any evidence for that statement. Where have I said the Norcross PD is incompetent or dishonest? My sister was a police officer who retired as a patrol lieutenant, so I am well aware of the difficult job the police have, and know officers personally.  What I question are the politically correct statements that have been made to try to encourage a feeling in the citizenship that Norcross doesn't have a crime problem. 
David B. Manley February 24, 2012 at 07:10 AM
Mr. or Ms. "Parallel Ogram", calling me names is not going to prevent me from having an opinion, or pointing out something that I believe needs to be addressed. Since a parallelogram has four sides, I dare say you take whatever side strikes your fancy at the moment, being able to write under some silly pseudonym so you don't have to stand accountable for whatever statements flow from your mind at the time. As I said earlier, and it remains true, apparently "your home" could have been subject to this crime, and a reality check is in order for you since you apparently prefer to rely on the Chief's politically correct, feel-good statements, rather than be a discerning, factual, sympathetic, active, and unbiased commentator. (And, by the way, my subdivision does have a neighborhood watch program.)
kim February 24, 2012 at 10:22 AM
My question would be how did these robbers know this person had that kind of money in their home. Something is fishy and being covered up. Why did these robbers chose that house? They claim neither persons knew each other, so why did they choose to rob them. To me it sounds like some illegal stuff is being done some where. How did they know these people had money in their home. They only went to his room. They didn't go threw the house. They didn't take anything else. Why is the police not giving all of the information. Are they trying to say there's no crimes or illegal activity in norcross. I find it very strange these six men knew what house to rob, what they had in that house. Strange!! I want answers!!
David B. Manley February 24, 2012 at 11:38 AM
While there are good questions remaining, let's try not to assume facts not evident. The money found in the home invaders' van has not been traced to the Jackson home. Thus, it could have come from other robberies. The district attorneys have expressed the opinion that the perpetrators were easily profiled as a robbery crew. The invaders entered through the basement (a logical entry point to rob a house) where Nicholas happened to have his room, and he was shot as the invaders tried to escape the basement on finding Nicholas there. There is no evidence they made it upstairs before they were discovered or specifically targeted the room where Nicholas stayed. A friend of mine had his family's house robbed, they entered through a basement door, and we still don't know why the criminals chose his house over others. At this point, we do know that we have an apparently upstanding honor student dead, and he was a victim of crime. Period. Possibly the scenario you suggest will be the true one, and we should definitely continue to ask for answers. In the meantime, any way you view the matter, based on known facts, it is not useful or helpful for the Chief to imply that this sort of crime cannot occur again in Norcross.


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