Waffle House Was in the News in Tragic and Strange Ways in 2013

Murder, robbery and wearing a cheeseburger as sandals linked Waffle House to police activity last year.

The tragic and unusual had ties to Georgia Waffle Houses in 2013.
The tragic and unusual had ties to Georgia Waffle Houses in 2013.
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You might get things more than smothered and covered at your local Waffle House, the Norcross, Ga.-based restaurant chain that numbers around 400 locations in the Peach State.

In 2013, Waffle House was mentioned in stories dozens of times on Patch sites in Georgia, many of which revealed the unsavory happenings when the open-all-night icon coincided with the actions of people up to no good.

There was the tragic, like the case of Talmadge Edward Powell, the Oconee County man who was indicted for the murder of Waffle House waitress Misty Myrick.

And there was plenty of the unusual, like the report of the couple caught having sex in a Loganville-area Waffle House parking lot.

Click on the links above for more stories that resulted in thousands of page views on Patch last year.


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