Police Warning: Beware of Scam Calls from Jamaica

Some 30,000 fraudulent calls are made every day to the U.S. from Jamaica, plus more of the strange stuff police officers around North Georgia were up against recently.

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Scam alert: You’ve probably heard this one. You had a long-lost uncle in Nigeria who has passed away and left you a boat-load of money. Of course, according to an email you should delete, it’ll cost $10K to get “your” money. In his crime blog on Sandy Spring Patch, Police Officer Larry Jacobs recently wrote that AARP has issued an alert concerning the . This one asks for $4,000. Jacobs says there are 30,000 fraudulent calls made each day from Jamaica to the U.S.

Foiled by poor planning: A suspected burglar, perhaps trying something seen in a jewel-thief movie, thought it was a good idea to enter a Johns Creek house using a glass cutter. The burglar cut a hole big enough to crawl through, but there was one problem. The window was double-paned. Only the outside pane was cut.

Finding trash at the dumpster: A Stone Mountain-area man taking out the trash at his apartment complex was . The man intended to use the money to pay his bills, including his rent, car note and utilities. The men from the trash bin stole it all.

Taking matters into her own hands: A Lawrenceville-area woman decided action was needed after two armed men robbed her while she was in her car at a local Walmart. The robbers left on foot, so the woman followed them until they entered their getaway car. She then proceeded to ram her car into the vehicle. Fortunately, the men ran away from the damaged getaway car, which, by the way, was reported stolen, too.

Gun stolen at school: An ROTC officer at South Gwinnett High School in Snellville had a gun stolen from his car while it was parked on school property. The suspect was arrested later after he allegedly pointed the gun at a student while trying to steal the student’s cell phone.

Not my jacket, so not my meth: A Buford man, who was being questioned after he crashed his car into the side of a business, showed police more than his proof of insurance. As he pulled his insurance card out of a jacket pocket, a plastic bag “containing a white crystal substance hit the pavement between his feet," the officer noted in the report. Since the jacket wasn’t his, he said had no idea there were drugs in the pocket. The substance field-tested positive for methamphetamine, and the man landed in jail.


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Robert Stoops April 07, 2013 at 01:47 PM
This is just like the scam I found at http://www.callercenter.com/876-429-7491.html where the scammer poses as a representative from the Publisher's Clearing House and promises the victim cash and a brand new car. But before that happens, the victim has to wire money for the taxes and processing fees. What a scam!


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