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Weird Police News: Salacious Behavior and Other Odd Stuff

Unusual police stories from Northeast Georgia.


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1. Apparently, . Cops responded to a report of a man relieving himself behind a restaurant, and when they approached him, they recognized him from . The man told police he didn’t want to “go in his pants.” 

2. Athens police arrested a man and a woman for . Answering a call about indecent exposure, police found the woman baring her breasts and the man … well … stimulated by what he saw (if you know what we mean).

3.  were found behind a Peachtree Corners-area business up to some salacious stuff. At first, Gwinnett Police thought they were a woman and a middle-aged man, but the pair ended up being the uncle and his 21-year-old nephew, who, according to the police report, has been taking hormones to develop female features (if you know what we mean). The uncle said they were just cuddling and kissing; the nephew said it went a lot further than that. They were arrested on charges of incest, loitering and prowling.

4. A Norcross woman told police . She claimed her aunt poisoned her father some time ago, and now was after them. Problem was she wasn’t willing to share her evidence, nor her aunt’s name. She did reveal she had a history of mental illness, but assured the cops she was on her medication.

5. Using security-camera video, police determined that the 17-year-old next-door neighbor of a burglarized home in unincorporated Stone Mountain was indeed the suspect in the crime. But the teen wasn’t sure that was even possible. After admitting to the crime, the teen told police .

6. A man who may be responsible for stealing video-game equipment from a Dacula home apparently called the woman resident while she was away to tell her he was in the house. Why? . “[The woman] did not think much of [the suspect] using her bathroom as he is a frequent visitor to her house,” the officer wrote in the report. It’s an easy guess on whom she thinks stole the goods.

7. You know things don’t go very well for suspected criminals when police call in a K-9 unit. After police noticed the driver acting nervously during a traffic stop on I-85, he called in the dog, which detected narcotics. . The driver and his passenger were arrested on charges of cocaine trafficking.

8. The suspect in an armed robbery at a Snellville Waffle House tried to show remorse for scaring employees and customers while he was leaving with the grand total of $251. Brandishing his weapon and demanding money from the cash register, he abruptly told a witness who tried to get up, “No, you sit down.”  One of the employees, a woman, was visibly shaken by the experience. According to the police report, as the suspect left, Was that supposed to make it all better?

9. A Lawrenceville woman was arrested on suspicion of battery and disorderly conduct after an incident at a Dacula bar. The police report stated that a man accused the woman of slapping him for no good reason. A friend of the man had a guess: , calling “a cult.” The woman said the man was hitting on her friends and “claiming to be gay.”


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