Three Congested Intersections Slated for Improvements

Relief may be on the way for Peachtree Corners commuters.

Peachtree Corners City Council heard a presentation on potential joint transportation projects with the county.
Peachtree Corners City Council heard a presentation on potential joint transportation projects with the county.
There's good news for Peachtree Corners residents who travel S.R. 141 during the morning rush hour, it looks like relief for the heavy traffic flow merging onto Peachtree Industrial Boulevard may be on its way.

The intersection is one of the projects identified for improvements on a list that also includes the heavily traveled Buford Highway and Jimmy Carter Boulevard intersection and Holcomb Bridge Road and Jimmy Carter Boulevard.

City Manager Julian Jackson presented a list of nine potential roads and intersections in Peachtree Corners that have been identified as needing improvements. The funding would come from SPLOST, which voters approved to renew for three more years last fall.

The list has been narrowed down to the following three projects which would be funded in a joint project with Gwinnett County.

  • Peachtree Parkway (S.R. 141) at Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
The proposed project creates an additional south-bound lane on Peachtree Parkway from Holcomb Bridge Road onto the "controlled access" portion of S.R. 141 and an additional lane on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard south bound to Winters Chapel Road. (Total cost $1,500,000)

  • Buford Highway and Jimmy Carter Boulevard
This is a joint project with Norcross, Gwinnett County and GDOT which has committed to funding 100 percent of the construction with federal dollars if the cities and county pay for the design and right of way. (Total cost $45,000,000)

  • Holcomb Bridge Road and Jimmy Carter Boulevard
The intersection is at a bad angle with narrow lanes and substandard radiuses (turn lanes). The project would be an operational and safety improvement project. (Total cost $500,000)

A major portion of the cost for the projects would come from Gwinnett County, who is sharing $25 million SPLOST funds it has set aside with the county's 16 cities. The amount each city receives is based on population.

"These strategies are great," said Mayor Mike Mason. "They are highly leverageable with GDOT which means we get the biggest bang for our community."

The meeting also included the swearing in of re-elected council members Jay Lowe (Post 2), Jeanne Aulbach (Post 4) and Weare Gratwick (Post 6).

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Richard T. January 08, 2014 at 08:39 AM
People could put their phones down, tell the brats to sit down and shut up, and try paying attention to their driving. As a motorcyclist, I see about 9 out of 19 drivers in this area holding their phone to their ear, yakking away and totally oblivious to the traffic around them. Driving should be your highest priority, not something you do in the background while you're doing what you think is important.
Cathy Freeman January 08, 2014 at 09:31 AM
Thanks, Patch! How about putting sidewalks in my neighborhood? Is there anyway that could happen?
Judy Putnam January 08, 2014 at 12:02 PM
Cathy: Call your city councilman or City Hall and let them know you want sidewalks. During the meeting last night, the mayor mentioned that hearing from residents was critical.
Mary January 08, 2014 at 01:18 PM
RT; I don't know about the "brats in the back" but you are so right about the cell phone usage, worse still is texting. When I observe a car in violation of driving rules, most of the time it's someone looking down at a cell phone. Mr. Cook, isn't it too bad that adjusting physical plant that is already in place is not considered "bang for the buck"? In fact, I thought that was the definition of "bang for the buck;" cost to benefit ratio.
Richard T. January 08, 2014 at 02:15 PM
Thanks Mary, I've almost been run over by drivers trying to control brats fighting in the back, jumping over seats and other indications of poor discipline. I know its always other people's brats because my little angels can do no wrong, and their dirty diapers were odor-free.


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