City Council to Hold Next Meeting at New City Hall Building

Tuesday night's meeting at the YMCA was the last, the next will be held at the city's new headquarters in Technology Park.

There are plenty of firsts for a new city and Peachtree Corners has another to look forward to - holding its first City Council meeting in the new City Hall next month.

Mayor Mike Mason made the announcement. "On Dec. 4, we'll be meeting at the new City Hall. So this will be our last meeting at the YMCA. We're thankful to the Y for providing space for us to meet."

The YMCA has served as the meeting place for the past six months since the city's second City Council meeting in May, the first was held at Christ the King Lutheran Church in April.

Mason also said that the City would be holding an open house at the new City Hall on Jan. 6, 2013. He said more details would follow as plans were finalized.

In other news City Council approved the property maintenance code for the city. The ordinance regulates the conditions and maintenance of property, buildings and structures, allows for condemnation and demolition.

"The code is similar to the one followed by Gwinnett County but has been modified for Peachtree Corners to allow for apartment sweeps to ensure buildings are kept up to code," said Diana Wheeler, Community Development Director.

Several items were listed as "first reads" meaning the City Council and mayor have the opportunity to review the information and then consider the items at the next or subsequent meeting.

Among those to be considered at the next meeting:

  • Adopting the 2013 Council Meeting Calendar
  • Consider the agreement to participate in the Georgia Municipal Employees Benefit System for the city's employees
  • To adopt the solid waste program for commercial sanitation (not residential) which will allow the city to collect 3 percent of haulers gross revenue which is now collected by the county.

In two action items the Council approved the Bid Award for Development Services for the City. Three separate vendors were chosen to handle separate aspects.

  • CH2Hill - business licenses, public hearings
  • Charles Abbotts Associates - building permits
  • Terra Mark - G.I.S. mapping service

And in the second action item, City Council authorized Bill Riley, the city attorney, to notify Gwinnett County that the city will take over the following services effective Feb. 1, 2013: Building Plan Review, Building Permitting and Services Commercial Sanitation Services.

There were no public comments. The next scheduled City Council meeting will be held at City Hall located at 147 Technology Park.


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