Gwinnett County, By The Numbers

The recent Service Delivery Strategy court ruling has some interesting statistics.

It's not hard to find a Top 10 list, but the recent for Gwinnett County provides some interesting material for one.

Judge David Barrett of Blairsville included much numerical research in his ruling; the matter had been in his hands since August 2010.

So let's take a look at some of what the judge included:

  • The 2010 Census population of the county is 805,321, with less than 20 percent of the population living in the incorporated area and more than 80 percent living in the unincorporated area.
  •  The three major shopping malls in the County (Mall of Georgia, Discover Mills and Gwinnett Place) are all located in the unincorporated area.
  • The county ratio of sworn (police) officers to population is approximately 0.98 sworn officers per 1,000 residents of Gwinnett County. A ratio of 0.98 is below Gwinnett County’s 2030 Unified Plan target and significantly lower than other metro Atlanta police departments as well as "peer" police departments identified by the County.
  • GCPD would need to at least double its current patrol force in order to provide adequate patrol services just to the unincorporated area of Gwinnett County.
  •  In 2005 the County levied an ad valorem tax on property in the City of Loganville without giving notice to the City of Loganville or its taxpayers or holding the required public hearings on the property tax increase.
  • In 2005 the fire district tax was rolled into the general fund tax levy and thus levied on all property taxpayers of Gwinnett County including Loganville without proper notice or holding the required number of public hearings.
  •  The Gwinnett Fire Department has continued to respond to calls within the City of Loganville even when the Loganville Fire Department has cancelled the request for response.
  • During the parties’ multi-year dispute regarding SDS, the county responded a number of times (in Loganville) in an apparent attempt to build a record of fire service calls.
  • There are approximately 824,000 road vehicle miles traveled (8.42%) in the incorporated area as compared to 8,964,000 road vehicle miles traveled (91.58%) in the unincorporated area.
  •  County taxpayers do not contribute to the maintenance and operation of municipal streets.
  •  City taxpayers contribute to the maintenance and operation of the county road system and bus transit system.
Steve Rausch September 29, 2011 at 11:28 AM
With actions like this from our county government is it any wonder why folks in Peachtree Corners area want to incorporate as a city? The more the local citizens take the responsibilities for governing into their own hands the better off we will be. The county government has show a total lack of concern and regard for their responsibilities but a total focus on building their power base and money base without spending and returning services to the people who have paid for it.


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