Gwinnett County School Board Discusses Looming Budget Cuts

Peachtree Corners public schools could be affected by the pending federal cuts, also known as sequestration which are set to take effect March 1.

The impending loss of millions of dollars due to federal budget cuts was on the minds of Gwinnett County school board members during their monthly business meeting Thursday in Suwanee.

In a statement earlier this week, GCPS Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks, said the cuts would cost the district approximately $3.4 million, including Title I monies and allocations for special education.

It is uncertain when exactly the cuts, scheduled to take effect March 1, will be felt by the public. But, the first nationwide impact could be felt Monday as furlough notices are sent out, according to ABC News.

On Feb. 28, board members also weighed in about the sequestration, and other budget cuts.

"We're fine. We'll weather this just like we weathered everything else," said Dr. Robert McClure, of District 4, in reaction to Wilbanks statement to the public. "We will continue to tighten the belts; do the best we can with whatever's given us."

"I think it's interesting that Washington mandated these programs, and rightfully so," said Louise Radloff, of District 5, speaking of Title 1 and special education. "But, every since they were first funded in 1976, they rarely have paid the commitment of 40 percent. In fact, they've never paid the commitment of 40 percent."

She added: "With these cuts that are looming with our special needs children and all of the responsibilities that our local teachers have for these children, it's a great concern."

"Frankly, my personal view is that the country is pretty darn screwed up," said Daniel Seckinger of District 2, "and we may have to take some rain, even though it's not justified on us in order to get things straight."

He added: "I don't know if there's enough fertile brain cells in Washington, D.C., to get it right on either side of the aisle, so it may take something as bad as this, or worse to make things happen that need to happen."

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