Light Turn Out At Monday's Town Hall Meeting

Hosting the gathering were Peachtree Corners City Council members, Jeanne Aulbach and Alex Wright, with Mayor Mike Mason.

The gathering was small at the Peachtree Corners Town Hall meeting held Monday (Nov. 5) evening at the Avocet subdivision clubhouse with 10 residents in attendance.

The meeting was hosted by council members Jeanne Aulbach (Post 4) and Alex Wright (Post 3) and Mayor Mike Mason.

Each provided short introductions and encouraged questions. "Ask us anything you want to and we'll answer to the best of our ability," said Wright.

To begin the meeting Aulbach offered a list of major milestones the city had achieved. "We want to talk about what's been done to date to build the framework and foundation for the city," said Aulbach.

Among those significant steps in getting the new city ready to function:

  • Adopted .85 millage rate
  • Adopted county ordinances
  • Entered into an intergovernmental agreement with the county to provide services for fees collected.
  • Hired Community Development Director, Diana Wheeler
  • Created Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Hired City Manager, Julian Jackson
  • Began preparing City Hall for occupancy, new paint, carpet installed, furniture ordered
  • Approved a telephone system for City Hall

And milestones coming up:

  • Begin collection of business/occupation license fees
  • Review and approval of contracts to provide Community Services
  • Begin provisions of city services
  • Review and approval of contract to provide 2033 plan
  • Grand Opening of City Hall
  • Reveal city's new logo and tag line

The mayor filled the group on what's next for the city including taking over the solid waste program (trash pickup) which is expected to be complete by Jan 1, 2014.

Property located across from The Forum, adjacent to the Piedmont Bank, has been purchased, the developer will be applying to rezone the property in a few weeks for the construction of two restaurants and retail space.

Mason mentioned that the city leaders will soon take on the voluminous task of writing a comprehensive plan which will guide Peachtree Corners for the next 20 years. The plan will determine what the citizens envision for the city. A RFP has recently been published for the 2033 Plan.

One resident inquired about getting sidewalks installed. "I'm so glad you asked that," said Mason. "One of the things covered in the comprehensive plan will included details such as that."

A question was asked if the U.S. Post Office would recognize the city with its own ZIP code at some point. "We're not expecting the Post Office to create a ZIP code just for Peachtree Corners," said Wright. "But you can use Peachtree Corners in your address. As long as you've got the address and ZIP code correct, your mail will be delivered."

The City expects to announce shortly an Open House date for the new City Hall. Expect further details shortly here on Patch - and also on the City of Peachtree Corners website: www.cityofpeachtreecornersga.com


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