Q&A With Phil Sadd, Peachtree Corners City Council Candidate

Post 1 City Council candidate Phil Sadd answers questions for Peachtree Corners Patch.


Peachtree Corners Patch asked the 20 candidates for the six council seats on the new Peachtree Corners City Council a series of questions relating to city government for the upcoming Municipal Election on March 6, 2012.

Each of the candidates were asked the same set of questions. The last question we posed was to ask each candidate to ask and answer his or her own question.

Patch introduces Phil Sadd, one of three candidates seeking the council seat for Post 1.

Name: Phil G. Sadd, age 49.

How long have you lived in Peachtree Corners: 20 years and I have also worked in Peachtree Corners for 17 years.

Educational background: BBA degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia.

Military background: None.

Family: Married; my wife's name is Stephanie and we have one daughter, Grace.

Occupation: I am the Senior Vice President of Sales for a Banking Technology company that has over 1,300 employees. I manage the US Sales team and my office is located in Peachtree Corners.

What experience in your background do you think has best prepared you for serving on the Peachtree Corners City Council?

My professional and personal backgrounds include serving in many leadership positions. An area of my expertise is in starting new initiatives. In my current organization, I was selected by the company President on multiple occasions to lead new initiatives as part of the company's strategic direction within our industry.  

In a previous organization, I was selected by the company's CEO to lead a team of American employees in starting the company's first international subsidiary. I have served on the Board of Directors of non-profit and ministry-related organizations, which included holding the office positions of President and Vice-President for multiple terms.  

As a newly formed organization, the Peachtree Corners City Council will require persons with start-up skills to be able to successfully establish our first local government body that fulfills the objectives of the City Charter.  I will bring to the Council my experience in establishing new organizations, and provide the skills that will greatly be required to successfully launch our new city government. 

Tell Peachtree Corners readers about your vision for the new city and how you would accomplish it?

My approach is to more formally brand Peachtree Corners and establish our image as a city. Peachtree Corners has a lot of charm and unique characteristics. I believe it will become one of the most desired cities to live in within the Atlanta area, especially by its residents.  

My vision is that Peachtree Corners will be such an appealing community that it will be one of the first cities that newcomers visit as a potential city in which to reside and work. I will support initiatives that align with this approach especially as it relates to helping to increase property values and business growth.

What do you think is the greatest challenge facing Peachtree Corners, and how would you approach it?

A concern for many of our residents is whether or not the city will live up to its promises. Our greatest immediate challenge is to make sure the new city government fulfills the objectives of the City Charter and does not go beyond its limited services purpose, as promised to our voters.  

The city government is being established to serve the citizens of Peachtree Corners in accordance with the City Charter. My approach as a Council Member is to support activities that adhere to the City Charter and oppose those initiatives that are not in the best interests of our citizens.    

What is your view on Government over-spending and increasing taxes to cover the debt caused by such actions?

Going in debt due to government over-spending is unacceptable. Many of our citizens are on a fixed or limited income, and increasing taxes to cover government over-spending will not work for our city.

I have studied the Peachtree Corners City Charter and the Feasibility Study and have discussed it with the key person involved with its creation. Based on the established requirements, the estimated expenses for the city will be sufficiently covered within its budgeted revenue. If the Council adheres to the City Charter, overspending and debt will be avoided and so will the need for tax increases. I am confident that our city, if managed properly, will produce a surplus and avoid debt caused by over spending.  

I recognize it's one thing to make these comments and another thing to abide by them. The proof of my intent and ability to follow through is in my own personal finances. I manage my personal finances very conservatively and work very diligently to avoid debt. I will approach the finances of the city government in the same manner.    


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