Residents Could See Increase in Trash Collection Cost

Gwinnett County's tax-collection system is in court, and could return to the Legislature.

One man doesn't think it's right that Gwinnett County can collect his garbage fees by adding the charge to his tax bill - and he's taken the matter to the courts to decide.

The Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments by attorneys for Robert Mesteller, a Snellville resident who is taking on Gwinnett County about its way of collecting payment on sanitation services. The issue is that the money is collected on tax bills, something Mesteller claims is illegal and unconstitutional.

The outcome of Mesteller’s appeal won’t be heard for several weeks. However, even if it fails, state Rep. Brett Harrell, whose district includes Snellville and parts of Loganville and Grayson, is also taking on the issue. He is re-introducing legislation in January to prevent municipalities from using tax bills to collect anything other than taxes. Harrell said his reason for re-introducing House Bill 291 is not opposition to any particular program, just with the billing mechanism.

How do you feel about the way Gwinnett collects its trash fees? Do you think the system needs changing?

Gwinnett County officials, however, say that if either Mesteller’s lawsuit or Harrell’s legislation is successful, the outcome might not be so good for county taxpayers. Joe Sorenson, communications director for Gwinnett County, warns that if the county were unable to bill for solid waste and recovery services via the property tax billing system, it would have to create a new billing system or significantly modify an existing one.

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Jimmy Neese November 14, 2012 at 03:07 PM
No!!!! The problem is we got ripped off by the County and they probably had some of the same political playing in this Garbage deal as they do in about half the county dealings. They overspend and find new ways for revenue. When you create a stadium that doesn't pay for itself and spend money for land deals twice what it is worth and other stupid transactions you have to figure out other ways to stiff the tax payer.Nobody has gone to jail except the last woman caught. Danny Porter needs to stay on the X chair and council until they go to jail. Then attach their accounts until we get some of the money back in the till. You can be a politician for the county or government and steal and not have to go to jail and we the taxpayer have to cough up the loss. We still have not seen our bill for the new city garbage pickup yet, waiting to see what happens to that.
Harry Dorfman November 14, 2012 at 10:57 PM
Come on republicans...you're forgetting your less government mantra...win this case and voila you now have the department of trash billing....wait until the PC HOA...err..City Council botches this up for the magic kingdom
Robin Sulsona November 15, 2012 at 06:37 PM
I don't mind paying for it on my tax bill, but I mind the county think they know more about my trash pickup than I do. I am perfectly capable of picking a trash vendor as they are and probably better and cheaper than they were able to do. I really hope that PC does not screw this up. I did not vote for them and will be watching how they handle this very closely. Don't do anything remotely as stupid as the county did.
AJ November 17, 2012 at 05:16 AM
Robin, the problem with each of us choosing our own garbage company is the number of garbage trucks entering our subdivisions and disturbing our peaceful neighborhoods.


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